Boys don’t just cut “inch” hairstyles in the summer, try these 3, fresh and handsome and show spirit!

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What type of haircut is good for boys in the summer? This seems to be the voice of many young brothers recently, because in the summer the weather is very hot, if you still have the original thick bangs hairstyle, it will look very hot; in the summer, many young brothers do not know what short hair cut good, directly let the hairdresser cut inch hair type, not that inch hair type is not handsome enough, but after all, in the summer of boys hairstyle or a lot of styles can be referred to! The haircut is not handsome enough. So, boys in the summer do not only cut inch hair type, try these 3, fresh and handsome and show spirit!


1, micro-parting broken cover haircut


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In the hot summer, the micro split shattered cover hairstyle is a very good Korean hairstyle, of course, it is also a variety of ways to cut, like the above little brother of this micro split shattered cover hairstyle, first of all, the two sides of the hair gradually shortened, you can put the hair above the hot volume, so that it is easy to take care of some, and then in the creation of the shape to create their own favorite partial shape can be, like dyed hair of the little brother can also try Brown gray oh, and then with a handsome white T-shirt, young and handsome!


2, broken hair airplane head


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Shredded airplane hair, as the name implies is both the characteristics of shredded hair and airplane hair personality; this hairstyle is also used on both sides of the gradual shoveling way, the top of the hair and bangs to retain a certain length, cut some thin, cut some shredded, and then the overall hair trimmed out of the shredded effect, and then in the creation of the shape can be slightly blown up bangs, so that the whole look does not seem to appear The whole look does not look cool and stylish, but also particularly handsome and age-defying!


3、2/8 side split hairstyle


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If you want to cover up the lack of hairline, in addition to put down the bangs, we can also cut a 2/8 side haircut like this. First the two sides of the hair gradual shovel short, the middle of the hair and bangs to stay long, and then to create the shape of the 2/8 effect, and can also use the hand to scratch the texture, so it will look sewing loose and good-looking! And you can also use the shadow of the 2/8 haircut to create a visual illusion that not only shows the spirit of handsome, but also can more perfectly cover up the lack of hairline!


So, do you like any of the above 3 hairstyles for boys? What do you think about the above 3 hairstyles? Welcome to leave a message to discuss!

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