Celine Men’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection Hits the Gas Pedal

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Hedi Slimane presents Celine‘s latest menswear collection with a daring performance by a group of expert motorcyclists.


Never one to follow the herd, Hedi Slimane’s latest fashion show showcases Celine Men’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, titled “Cosmic Cruiser,” as models parade down a dirtbike track signed by the brand.


In recent months, 2000s skater style has found a return amidst the ongoing Y2K revival. However, Slimane’s creative vision has always veered towards punk-era motifs and counterculture inspirations. If skating is the current mainstream, this collection declares dirt biking as its rebellious subculture.


Celine Men's Spring/Summer 2022 Collection


The video of the show, directed by Slimane, jumps between riders performing heart-stopping tricks in mid-air and models safely walking the runways without motorcyclists gliding over their heads, giving the audience a healthy dose of adrenaline while allowing them to maintain their focus on each of the coming looks.




Staying true to his rock-n-roll roots, Slimane employs leather and denim throughout the collection. However, unlike the medieval silhouettes of his Celine Men’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, these Motorcross-inspired designs embrace the artistry in simplicity. Leather vests feature studded embellishments while their matching pants are free of adornments and cling to the body. Leaning into the more “cosmic” elements of the collection, select garments are characterized by expert sequin work that glitters under the summer sun, including one black blazer, in particular, that reads “HEAVENLY DAYS” on the back in silver sequins.


Overall, Slimane has attached his most recent collection to a subculture of athletes that already utilizes many of his signature design elements. The collection champions the theme of sportswear while also repurposing the Motorcross aesthetic to fit with Slimane’s vision of luxury ready-to-wear.

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