How provocative is the man who can wear? Send you 3 moves “dressing secret”, improve clothing to solve the difficult to dress

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How do boys dress up? Today we will talk about this topic. After all, as the overall aesthetic upgrade, whether it is a boy or a girl will increasingly look at the appearance of the image force. In this era of “judging people by their appearance”, it has become indisputable that a person’s ability is determined by their appearance and dress. In this case, “judging people by their appearance” does not only refer to whether or not the clothing is material and big, but the overall mental outlook of a person who exudes temperament from within combined with the right clothing to achieve the right combination of people and clothes. For guys, fresh, clean, neat, and proper-fitting clothing is especially important.


So, how should guys dress? Is there an easy way to dress up? The actual fact is that you can find a number of ways to enhance your outfit, whether it’s “fresh meat” or “old meat”, and hopefully it will provide you with more ideas.Men’s dressing with:


Dress by body type


As a boy, do you understand your own body type? Do you know your own body characteristics? The correct understanding of your body type is the basis for dressing, so guys need to understand their body type first. We know that body shape refers to the contour of a person’s appearance, it is a straight and curved line towards the change. Unlike women’s body type, men’s body type changes in the curve is not so obvious, it reflects a strong and powerful linear outline towards.


The specific performance is: the body as a whole is a barrel-shaped structure, broad shoulders, firm hips, strong leg muscles. These are the general characteristics of the male body type, but combined with the different musculoskeletal direction, but also divided into: orthogonal triangle, rectangular that is H-shaped, inverted triangle, inverted trapezoid, O-shaped 5 common body type.


These 5 body types basically include all of the current boys’ bodies, but with the growth of age, many boys will become O-shaped body Oh, dressing is relatively complex. The basic principle of dressing is the same. Next, let’s analyze one by one.


(1) rectangular body


The rectangular shape is H body type, just like the letter H. This type of body type accounts for most of the boys. It has the following characteristics: shoulders, waist, hip width consistent; waist long, but no obvious waistline; the whole person looks lean and tall.


Here first popularize a general knowledge point of boys dressing styling: boys and girls are different, boys need to dress to create a strong, powerful, stable side, so in the men’s aesthetic, inverted ladder type body or T-shaped dressing silhouette become the goal of styling. No matter what body shape the boys need to dress to strengthen the shoulder line, strengthen the chest volume and muscle influence, so that it looks hormonal and full of manly charm.


The most important thing is that you should be able to wear the same clothes as you did before. This can be improved by the following dressing techniques.


1,Choose a jacket with shoulder pads


In men’s wear, there is a lot of emphasis on strengthening the shoulder line. A suit or leather jacket with shoulder pads can enlarge the shoulder width and achieve a trimming effect.


2, Put swell, bright colors or exaggerated patterns on the upper part of the body


In the usual dressing, try to choose bright color tops or tops with exaggerated patterns, or embellish with bright scarves is also the right approach. Printed pattern elements, multiple pockets, and epaulettes can all bring. For some “sultry” type of guys, you can also choose a high degree of saturation of colored as the inner wear, use them to match the neutral color, the effect is more stunning. However, please pay attention to the use of colored area size.


Men's dressing with


3, use the layer of overlap, increase the weight of the upper body


It is very common in the fall and winter, but less in the summer. The most important thing is that you can use a sweater to wear it, or add a shirt to it, to create a fashionable effect and highlight the upper half of your body.


(2) Inverted triangle body shape


The actual fact is that the actual person is a lot more than just a person. If you have a vest line at the same time, it is perfect, but if the waist is obviously very thin, coupled with a short height, it will look top-heavy.


It has the following characteristics: wide shoulders; pectoral and abdominal muscles developed. Disadvantages: easy to look top-heavy


The key points of dressing for a man with an inverted triangle figure are as follows.


1, the whole body dressing highlights on the lower half of the body


The inverted triangle figure of the male in dressing, remember to put all the style or highlight elements and single product in the lower half of the body. For example, some pants with a sense of design, work pants, wide-legged pants, etc. can effectively balance the proportion of the upper and lower body.


2, the upper half of the body can choose a visual division effect of the lapel, V-neck to weaken the upper half of the broad


The men want to dress fashionable, remember the collar position is also very critical. The shirt randomly unbuttoned a few more buttons to create a small sexy, very charming oh.


(3) Positive triangle body


Positive triangle, obviously narrow shoulders, slippery shoulders, wide hips or stomach, obviously not pleasing to the body, the formation of this figure part of the reason is really narrow shoulders, but most of the reasons are not pay attention to exercise, no pectoral muscles.


It has the following characteristics: narrower shoulders, slippery shoulders; wide hips, thick waist


The key points of dressing for boys with a triangular body shape are as follows.


1,Choose the correct and obvious shoulder tops


The triangular shape of the male shoulders narrow, so in the top of the choice of shoulder line, especially need to pay attention to. It is a good idea to choose tops or jackets with big padded shoulders or stiff and obvious shoulder lines. No: drop shoulder sleeves or soft fitting tops


2, Pay attention to the waistline and create a vertical extension line to show thinness and improve the lower half of the body fat problem.


For guys with a square-shaped body, the overall dressing is neat and sharp, not to drag, such as the waistline method, the use of tucked corners can achieve the effect of thinness and avoiding shortcomings. Choose light-colored, patterned tops and dark-colored pants to achieve the purpose of adjusting the body shape.


(4) Inverted trapezoid body


For guys, the inverted trapezoid figure is the perfect figure. If the head and body ratio is good, the natural clothes rack, casually wear is very fashionable.


It is characterized by wide shoulders, tight waist, and an inverted trapezoid shape.


The boys with inverted trapezoid body shape, there are not too many dress taboos, as long as you pay attention to some dressing techniques and personal temperament style to create, will wear very easy oh.


(5) O-shaped body type


O-shaped body type of boys are generally formed after the formation of beer belly, or age caused by changes in the body shape.


This type of body type is the situation that most men will encounter after middle age, and its dressing points to follow the principle of covering the meat thin, today only slightly, later will share to.


These are the 5 common body types of men, which one do you belong to?

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