How to wear boys’ shirts, and how to wear boys’ shirts

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Shirt can be said to be one of the indispensable items in men’s wardrobe. In the past, it was always regarded as a formal representative, but in recent years, there have been many different versions, making the shirt no longer just formal in the past. Today, let’s teach you boys’ shirt wearing skills.


Full hem


The simplest way to wear is to put down the hem naturally, and casually put on shorts or casual pants to create a less formal and frank style. In summer, you can choose the style of short sleeves, which makes you feel more comfortable and neat. It should be noted that the length of the shirt should not be too long, otherwise the proportion will become worse.


boys' shirt wearing skills


Full tie at hem


Compared with other wearing methods, the full tie at the hem has a more formal sense, but you can still choose a designed style to reduce the formal sense and create your own unique style. One of the advantages of this shirt wearing method is that it can lengthen the legs, but it should be noted that you should remember to pull out the hem a little to create a natural hanging feeling, or roll up the sleeves.


Front tie at hem


This kind of binding method, which ties up the front part of the hem and puts down the rear part, is probably the most common wearing method on the street now. In addition to appearing long legs, it can also create a casual sense of leisure. Similarly, it should be noted that the tied hem should be naturally pulled out and integrated with the vertical part, otherwise there will be an unnatural feeling.


Front half of hem


If you pay attention to Korean fashion and stars, you will find that more and more fashion celebrities use this method to tie only the first half of the hem into their pants. Such casual, natural and personalized clothes can be said to lead the trend in the fashion industry!


The front is fully open and the hem is fully tied


It can be said that tying the hem directly into the pants without buttons is one of the favorite wearing methods of trendy people in recent years. A casual tie can show unique personal charm. What needs to be paid attention to is also the sense of sag. The more natural it looks, the more fashionable and beautiful it is. If you are tired of the previous shirt binding methods, you might as well try this!


All right! The above is the boys’ shirt wearing skills. Have you learned it after reading it?

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