In The Rainy Season, Your Newborn’s Skin Needs Extra TLC

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Is this your baby’s first monsoon? While the monsoon brings in cool relief after a hot summer, do not forget that it also brings in heat rash, skin infection, pus boils and nappy rashes. An infant’s skin is more vulnerable to catch infection during the monsoon and hence, needs extra care.


For new parents, there is nothing better than finding the right tips that can protect baby from monsoon prone skin problems. Pediatrician Dr Arun Wadhwa, on behalf of Cetaphil Baby shares some tips that will keep your baby’s skin healthy and supple.


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Cleanse At Regular Intervals


The monsoon brings down the temperature but there is still a lot of humidity, which will make your baby sweat. There are high chances of bacterial infection due to the sweat. In addition, baby skin has a higher pH level, increasing the likelihood of skin irritation. Opt for a gentle baby wash, which is high in glycerin and vitamin B5 to cleanse your baby’s skin.


Moisturise The Skin With A Suitable Lotion


Baby skin’s ability to retain moisture is lower than adult skin, making it prone to dryness. You can opt for a lotion with caring ingredients like soybean oil, shea butter and sunflower oil. The lotion will hydrate your baby’s skin, improving its texture as well.

Massage With A Baby Oil

Massage oil plays an important role in making your baby’s skin healthy, irrespective of the season. Choose an oil infused with vitamin E or with ingredients like calendula that will soften the skin.

Refrain From Using Harsh Detergents

Make sure new outfits of your little one are clean and washed before the first use. Also, have them wear loose clothes to prevent prickly heat rashes. Avoid using baby powders that may result in respiratory distress and chemical detergents or chemical-laden products that are often known to lead to allergic reactions.

Use The Right Fabrics


Newborn babies are prone to prickly heat and rashes all over their bodies due to the air quality during the monsoon. Keeping the baby wrapped in warm woollen cloth is extremely beneficial, preventing the baby from being exposed to insects/mosquitoes. Make sure that using the right fabric.

Be Careful Of Diaper Rashes


Diaper rashes are normally caused due to wetness from the nappy. And considering the moisture around during monsoon, the baby is more prone to rashes. Hence the best way to prevent a nappy rash is using a diaper cream.

Use Mosquito Nets And Repellents


This season is certainly one of the most loved ones, but it also brings a host of infections. Parents need to be extra careful as newborns are most susceptible to fall ill during this time of the year due to mosquito bites. This calls for using mosquito nets and repellents (post consulting a pediatrician) to avoid any sort of infections.

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