Johnson’s Baby Oil Usage

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Johnson’s Baby Oil is specially formulated for infants and contains high quality ingredients that are pure, gentle and easily absorbed. It leaves a moisturizing protective film on the skin’s surface and locks in moisture to prevent skin wrinkling and irritation; and effectively softens baby’s head scales. Warm your hands before touching and pour some Johnson’s Baby Oil onto your palms. Usually place the oil in an open container so that you can easily dip your hand into the oil without stopping to touch with the other hand. To prevent wasting the oil, do not pour it directly on the baby’s skin. Apply a sufficient amount of oil to both hands and gently glide it over the baby’s skin. Start with gentle strokes and gradually increase the pressure to allow your baby to get used to the touch.


Baby touch is the skillful, scientifically guided caressing and touching of your baby’s entire body. The entire process is filled with the emotional exchange of love between mother and child and is a process of parent-child interaction. The mother’s loving hands allow a lot of good and moderate stimulation to reach the child’s brain through the skin receptors, which promotes brain development and thus improves intelligence. Stroking should be done in a warm environment, in a comfortable position and when the child is quiet and not irritable. Massage should not be done when hungry or just after feeding. Stroking hands should be warm, smooth, short nails, so as not to scratch the child’s skin, and can gently talk to the child, or play some pleasant music. Massage techniques to start with light, slowly increase the strength, do not let the child feel uncomfortable.


Johnson's Baby Oil


Stroking conditions.


1. keep the room temperature at about 25 degrees, each time to do the touch time to 30 minutes or less is appropriate.


2. Mom and baby should be in a comfortable position, the room should be quiet, clean, you can put some soft music as a background, to help the mother and baby relax each other.


3. Choose when the baby is not too full or too hungry.


4. Prepare towels, diapers and replacement clothes for your baby.


  Preparation for stroking:


1. Make sure you are comfortable, undisturbed for 15 minutes, and play soft music.


2. The most convenient time to do petting should be after the baby’s bath or during the process of dressing the baby, and the room should be kept warm.


The mother should warm her hands and pour some baby oil on her palm or place the oil in an open container before doing the touching.


4. Apply enough emollient oil to both hands and gently glide it over the baby’s skin, starting with a gentle massage and then gradually increasing the pressure to allow the baby to slowly adapt to the massage.

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