Men’s skin care should also pay attention to these men’s winter skin care techniques

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Nowadays, more and more men begin to pay attention to the appearance, especially pay attention to the skin cleaning and maintenance, skin care is not a woman’s patent, is ushering in a new “he” era. But industry personages remind men, must according to own skin quality characteristic, choose “special” skin care products, such ability has the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.


The same goes for men’s skin care


Possibly somebody thinks to protect skin to taste cent male and female demand is simply superfluous, it is skin cream, moist what distinction has, feel to be able to wipe then. Actually, no matter male or female, skin has unique characteristic, undertake according to oneself characteristic and demand conserve ability is correct. Advocate the male should have the skin care products that belong to his gender, nature should understand the male’s skin character first.


First, the stratum corneum is thicker. Men’s skin is 24 to 40 percent thicker than women’s, which means their skin is less absorbable, has rougher skin and is more prone to dry dander when the skin is dehydrated. Secondly, the secretion of oil is exuberant. Men’s skin produces 40 to 70 per cent more oil than women’s, and 80 per cent of men have oily or mixed skin, which means they are more prone to problems such as large pores and acne, and more in need of thorough cleansing. Third, middle-aged aging speed. Male sebaceous glands are abundant and developed. Before the age of 35, male skin is more elastic than female skin, less prone to fine lines and aging more slowly than female skin. But after the age of 35, men’s skin ages very rapidly, with elasticity declining and wrinkles occurring directly in the dermis. This means that while it is true that men do not age well when they are young, they are more likely to develop deep wrinkles when they reach middle age. In conclusion, a man’s skin is very different from a woman’s, so he should have his own skin care manual.


First, different skin quality to choose different products. Men’s skin is very different from women’s. Women’s skin is thinner than men’s, easy to dry and produce wrinkles, so women’s beauty care is mainly to smooth and tender skin, wrinkle removing, nourishing and whitening. Male skin is thicker than the female, pore is bulky, the quantity of its sebaceous gland is much and developed, have relatively thick corneous layer, so the skin should get slower than female senescence, because this divides wrinkle is not the main purpose that the male protects skin. According to statistics, more than 80% of men’s skin is oily skin, excessive oil secretion will lead to pore blockage, easy to grow acne or acne, which makes oil control become the first task of men’s skin care, most men’s skin care products are also aimed at this quality of oil free formula.


In addition, the psychological aspects of skin care use are different for men and women. Women use skin care products to nourish their skin and prolong their beauty, while men are more interested in health and vitality.


Two, to “high refreshing”, not “super nutrition”. Skin is qualitative difference, the skin care that lets a man need not resemble a woman equally complex. Both men and women agree that the best way to care for your skin is to clean it, but it’s how you do it that matters. In summer, for every 1 ° C rise in temperature, men’s skin produces 5 to 10 per cent more oil. Due to hormonal differences, the cleansing power of women’s facial cleansers is not enough for men’s skin.


Because of the difference between male and female sex hormones, the secretion of male sebaceous glands and sweat glands is relatively strong, coupled with the acidic pH value of male skin, the skin is easy to be greasy, and sweat is also more. So, cleaning is really the first part of men’s skin care. Of course, this kind of cleanness can not be used to wash the face a few times more to achieve, contrary, wash a face more times, skin moisture is lost, the skin can regard protection as a reaction with secrete more grease, the result is instead “wash more oil”, the result of oil and water unbalance is pore jam, acne acne is born.


With oil, sweat and acne, the focus for men is on “high freshness” that effectively cleans and restores the skin. Because this if the man uses the female clean skin product, often because of the excess of nutrition aggravated the skin’s oil instead, more prone to acne.


Three, shaving care, men only. For women, toner is equivalent to a second cleansing of the skin. It helps the skin maintain the balance of water and oil, moisturizes and maintains the skin, helps the absorption of other skin products, reduces the loss of elastic fibers and collagen, and makes the skin look smooth. As a symbol of masculinity, the beard is also a key part of men’s skin care, and it is a male-only skin care step. Because men often shave, the chin and lips are more sensitive, men’s special toner has more soothing aftershave stimulation, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.


Into shaving shaving nursing before and after shaving, use before shaving shaving dew can let the razor blade is more close to the skin, and reduce the stimulation to the skin, but both blades shave or electric shaving, shaving process will produce more or less stimulation to the skin, the skin after shaving can be some invisible to the naked eye small wound, Therefore, post-shave treatment has become a unique part of men’s skin care. This kind of product has a similar effect to women’s toner. After-shave water can soothe the skin, astringent pores, sterilize and reduce inflammation, prevent infection and moisturize.


Four, to be simple, refuse trouble. Men’s skin care does not need too tedious steps, so men’s skin care products should be simple, fast and effective. Man skin care is the most afraid of burden on the face, hate the face is skin care products “paste” feeling, this and women like to use oily strong, rich nutrition skin care products are different, so wipe on the face without feeling “zero burden” product is an important standard to judge men skin care products good or bad. Refreshing cleansers, aftershave, toner, and non-greasy, fast-penetrating, moisturizing moisturizers are the preferred skin care products for men.


On the skin care program, male special skin care products also strive to conform to the nature of men afraid of trouble, and strive to be simple and fast, a series of 2~3 products every day 5~8 minutes to complete.


Men's skin care


Several tips for men’s winter skin care


1,Men over 30 should try washing their faces with water in the morning. Many men feel that their skin is oily, used to using soap-based face cleansers when they were young, and still use this kind of cleansing product when they are in their 30s. It is time to change it in autumn and winter. Men over the age of 30 greatly reduce oil production, cleansing products will lead to more dry skin, if men do not have special maintenance needs, it is recommended to clean the face with water in the morning, followed by the use of moisturizing products, will better protect the skin resistance.


2,Switch to a gentler shaving bubble or cream. Cool winter dry season, not recommended shaving foam, although such a cool and refreshing feeling will improve after shaving burning, but also because of the stimulation causes after shaving drier, qiu dong season we suggest the man change the gentle shaving foam, don’t contain soap and plenty of menthol, alcohol products, the best shaving cream is good also, less stimulation to the skin after shaving.


3,Add a highly moisturizing toner! Summer man loves to use relaxed the product that control oil more, but what this kind of product arrived winter can aggravate the skin is dry, especially the snow and snow day of north cold, high protect wet make up water to be able to give skin supplement a lot of moisture, improve skin to fight dry ability, suit cold weather very much.


4, cream emulsion is important, no matter you are like contracted maintenance or complex daub, remember in the winter is to have a cream or lotion, don’t use summer gel and gel, lotion after adding a layer of moisturizing cream or moisturizing lotion, can lock the moisture, better than single use lotion or moisturizer, can be more long-lasting moisture up to 20%, If you work in an air-conditioned or heated room, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated.


5,Soak in an essential oil bath once a week. We advocate men enjoy some maintain life, doesn’t mean to make you too multilayer maintain article, daub oil bath is to let you more relaxed, more warm and maintenance plan, once a week, in the warm water to add a few drops of orange oil, chamomile, lavender essential oil, the body is immersed in hot water, breathing the fragrance of essential oils, proceed to relax, you’ll soon feel body.


6,Massage with essential oil is also good for men. After taking a bath, lie down quietly and do a whole body massage with essential oil, which can not only activate circulation but also reduce fatigue. Essential oil not only has excellent massage and smoothing effect, but also has excellent moisturizing effect, no matter when you use it, it can add warmth to the cold winter.

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