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Do you know how many steps there are for men’s skin care? According to the most scientific calculations, to make the skin more quality and shiny will need to carry out 8 steps of the care process, is not very shocking! Curious male students, may want to learn it ~


Boys are very lazy think that skin care is difficult, a variety of bottles and jars coated with smear really confused, so the process of skin care is too confusing! Many gay men are too embarrassed to consult a professional skin care, so they simply do not understand that skin care is not a pediatric, random smear! Many men are not aware that the most scientific skin care process has as many as 8 steps! Curious? Then follow me to learn more about this 8-step skincare process for men.


GET the correct skin care steps


1, facial cleansing


The first step in skin care is to do a good job of cleansing the skin, and the cleansing milk becomes the best partner to clean the skin, carefully cleaned skin, will present a clear and natural state, is an important step to let the skin breathe.


2, basic hydration


After cleansing the skin will have a very important tight feeling, so effective hydration is necessary to deal with the existence of the skin. Of course, here more recommended with the spray effect of toner, simple at the same time, but also can give a more refreshing feeling.


skin care steps


3, exfoliation


If you want your skin to not be dull, then regular exfoliation is necessary to exist.


(1) oil skin texture need about a week for exfoliation cleaning treatment


(2) dry skin is half a month or once a month to clean up


(3) sensitive skin must avoid cleaning


Different skin types corresponding to the exfoliation process is also different must be handled at your discretion.


4, strengthen hydration


Do not think that men will be very girly mask, the addition of the mask can better replenish water for the muscle cells, restore skin elasticity, so that the skin rejuvenation. However, it is not recommended to apply the mask every day, 2-3 times a week can be.


5, eye nourishment


Whenever you must pay more attention to eye problems, try to borrow some eye essence with a gentle tapping and drawing circle massage to help absorption, both to effectively get rid of puffiness, but also to bring a soothing feeling to the eyes.


6, essence repair


The actual essence of the skin is an essential part of skin care, but there is more to the selection of the essence. 25 years old before, moisturizing is the main, 25-30 years old, pay attention to the antioxidant essence, after 30 years old, it is necessary to choose the anti-aging essence.


7, enhance protection


The above steps are done, you need to add a protective barrier for the skin, both to lock in moisture and nutrients, but also to make the skin glow.


8, sun protection


The last step before going out is definitely sunscreen, the addition of sunscreen can better block the erosion of ultraviolet rays to reduce the damage of light for the skin, is also an important step.


The above are the eight steps of men’s skin care, want to become a sophisticated male god, may as well try it! Don’t be afraid of the complexity of the process, when the skin presents a moment of glow, you will know how useful these really are.

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