Should men take care of skin? Is male skin care feminine?

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Should men use skin care products? My answer is yes and must!!


Skin care is unisex! Although men and women have different physiologies, their skin is the same. They lose moisture and collagen as they age. They also suffer from dryness and dehydration, so men should take care of their skin.


Anyone can not stand the time of this pig knife, in addition to the early start maintenance! Hong Kong and Taiwan male star early to start skin care, maintenance, so the state has been very good, look very young. Male personal image is very important for love and work! No one can look beyond your sloppy exterior to see your beautiful soul. In this age of looking at faces, many people’s primary condition for finding an object is to look at the appearance.


A man who takes care of his skin and looks young, clean and fresh is significantly more popular with women. Image is the single man of the future to stay attractive. Men’s skin care and personal appearance are also important in the workplace. Yang LAN said: “Image always walk in front of the ability.”


A study by one institute found that better-looking people earn 13% more than their smart, dependable counterparts in the same job. Interpersonal relationships and competitiveness are often better! A good image is very, very good for both love and work, so men, also need to pay attention to their image, pay attention to skin care and maintenance. Clean and not too much of the external modification, will always be able to give your personality charm overall bonus points.


So men should not skin care, I believe you have already had the answer. Skin care is not only for women, men should also carry out scientific and reasonable skin care and maintenance.


male skin care


How should men take care of their skin? Men and women have different skin thickness and oil secretion, so they should have different skin care.


Differences between men’s and women’s skin care:


1.Men’s skin is 16% thicker than women’s, which means that men’s skin is less absorbable to products, so skin care products should have more penetration.


2.Men’s oil secretion is 40-70% more than women’s, and they are more prone to “big oil fields”. As a result, their pores are larger than those of women.


3.Men have more sweat glands and whiskers, which are more likely to cause bacterial and fungal breeding and infection. Choose skin care products that are mild and anti-inflammatory in nature.


Thus, compared with women, the main skin problems for men are oily sheen, large pores, blackheads, acne, dryness and dark skin. So men’s skin care priorities should also be based on this. Men’s skin care focus: cleaning, hydrating, moisturizing, sunscreen




Male corneous layer is generally thicker, oil secretion is more vigorous, so in the skin care should pay special attention to oil control, at the same time to strengthen the skin cleaning. Be sure to clean your face before shaving. Can choose to go grease ability stronger wash a face milk, morning and evening each 1 times, can effectively remove the grease and dust on the face. Create a clean, refreshing feeling.


Filling water


Cleansing does not follow up oil control. Because after clean face, the skin loses the protection of grease, moisture loss is serious, skin adjusts the system to be able to secrete more grease to preserve moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to use toner to replenish water after cleansing, and it can quickly shrink pores and adjust skin PH value. In addition, it can also play an anti-inflammatory and sedative role.




Just hydrating is like having water in a glass without the cap on. It loses water quickly, so use a lotion or cream to lock it in. Because male grease secrete exuberant, therefore suggest not to use thick face cream, and should choose the emulsion with thinner texture, such ability is relaxed and breathable. Apply some natural moisturizer to your skin after applying the nourishing toning lotion to help prevent dryness, roughness and dull skin. The secret to applying moisturizer is to put more on your cheeks or dry areas; The place that gives oil easily such as nose, forehead, besmear is a bit thinner or it is ok to take slightly only.


Prevent bask in


Sunscreen products, regardless of men and women, everyone needs! Some men think I just like black, I think black is very man, but in fact, uv damage to you is not only black, there is more terrible, getting old. If you want to avoid uv damage, redness and aging, then whether you are a man or a woman, the basic skin care product you need is sunscreen. You can even go out with an umbrella like a girl. Do a good job with sunscreen, not easy to old oh!


To sum up, men should also do a good job in skin care, skin care ≠ mother, mother is related to personality, and pay attention to skin care, maintenance has nothing to do, as long as your personality is a man, then love skin care is also a man who loves beauty, so little brothers, bold to love beauty!

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