Six water emulsion suits suitable for men’s skin care in autumn and winter – add points to your handsome

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Here comes the water emulsion suitable for men! Will some boys still think that it’s not manly for boys to use skin care products? Then you live in the primitive age. Now boys are beginning to pay more and more attention to their skin, but they don’t know what kind of products to choose. Last time, a boy friend urged me to produce skin care products for men. Come and see this article! Today, I will recommend these six men’s skin care entry-level water emulsion suits. Hurry to move the small bench and take notes! I’m sure you can be handsome.


1、 AHC men’s water emulsion three piece set (suitable for any skin type)


This is a Korean brand. The black suit is specially designed for boys. The feeling of low-key and introverted looks very textured in the past. This water emulsion is also cost-effective, and the student party can easily own it. Cleansing and water plus lotion, the basic skin care steps are complete. This set is more suitable for men with oily skin. The facial cleanser adds hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients. After washing, the face will not be dry and tight, but also achieve the effect of deep cleaning.


The texture of the water emulsion is also relatively light, not greasy or stuffy acne. It can be said to be very friendly to the oily skin. Nicotinamide and oligopeptides are added to the water emulsion. When moisturizing, it will also brighten the skin color and make the skin delicate and elastic. So this is very suitable as an entry-level skin care suit for male friends who want to start skin care.


2、 Mentholatum moisturizing combination


This main high moisturizing facial cleanser contains natural olive oil and hyaluronic acid, so it will not make you feel dry while cleaning your skin grease and dirt. The amazing thing about moisturizing ice cream is that ice cream is of gel texture. It turns into water after wiping on the face. It is refreshing and not greasy. It is easy to absorb. If it’s too much trouble for a man friend, it can also be used, but if you are in a drier place, you should apply its essence milk to make your moisturizing power added. It won’t dry and peel for a day.


3、 L’Oreal men’s moisturizing three piece set


The cleansing cream is a double color paste, with a rich and delicate foam. After washing, it has a cool feeling of mint, and its cleaning is very good. It is not gentle enough. This is a little deduction.


Water gel: the texture is gel, and it can turn into water when applied on the skin. Boys’ skin care seems to like this. I don’t know why. It may be necessary to reduce the burden of men’s skin care!


The bottle design of the emulsion is full, and it should be very satisfactory for those boys who are responsible for facial control. It is as thin as condensed dew, and can be absorbed at once. It’s refreshing.


4、 Doctor Chengye men’s moisturizing suit


men's skin care


I believe many girls are familiar with this water. Do you often buy it as a convergence water to shrink pores? I have used two bottles myself. In fact, it is also very suitable for male friends, especially male friends who have thick pores and love oil. The texture of shrinkage water is the same as that of water, with strong fluidity, easy absorption, non greasy, refreshing and moisturizing. It can also be used as a secondary cleaning skin care water to remove dirt, which can also prevent the breeding of acne. There is also a faint smell of orange!


This cleansing milk is also very large in capacity. Taking a bit of water and rubbing it in the palm can make many bubbles, and it will not feel tight after washing. But this water is very stimulating, which is not suitable for those sensitive muscles with thin cuticle.


5、 Keyan’s water emulsion suit


The foam is rich and dense, and the touch is very comfortable. When you wash your face, it is a kind of enjoyment. Rinse it with water for a few times, clean it up, add caffeine, menthol and other ingredients, so the feeling on your face is very cool and calm, and it has strong effect of fishy skin. If you wake up depressed in the morning and wash with this facial cleanser, you can wake up a lot immediately.


The toner is large, durable, fresh and easy to absorb, and can effectively control the oil on the face. After shaving, you can use this to relieve the discomfort of shaving parts. It’s killing two birds with one stone. A large amount of VC and VE can help improve the fatigue of the skin, for those who are working overtime or for their brother brother who plays the game late.


6、 Biotherm men’s milk


This water emulsion is endorsed by Zhang Yixing, the male god of many people. It is coated with a water emulsion that can make your boyfriend become a male god. Although it is a little more expensive than the previous ones, it is worth smelling the taste of male god.


This is a hydrodynamic series. As its name suggests, its active effect is high-efficiency moisturizing. It looks like an invisible water film is nourishing your skin and keeping you hydrated for a long time. Milk is a green gel with special texture, which contains fruit fat and almond oil. This is a moisturizing barrier for skin. Lock in moisture from the inside out.


If you have useful skin care products that men can use, you can share them with me under the comments, so that men can be more handsome and exquisite.

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