The male perm hair fast care skills, handicapped party practical tutorials, want to handsome to learn up

nikisho Date:2021-08-02 16:35:05
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How to take care of permed hair, many people permed hair before always feel that the permed hair will have a type, it will save the hard time to take care of, I do not know that the permed fluffy hair more need to be properly taken care of to look senior, the following to teach boys a practical way, as long as you are hair root perm, including Morgan, tinfoil, steel clip, a variety of fancy perm, this technique you can use.


1、 wash the hair, blow dry at will


Washing no special requirements, heavy in blowing hair, should be from back to front blow dry, do not blow straight from top to bottom, so that blowing words will give it convincing, blowing air can be put flat to blow forward or from the left back to the oblique front direction, so that the blow out of the hair is more natural fluffy.


2、Apply hair wax or other styling products


Take the right amount of hair wax in the palm of your hand, mainly to apply that hair tips, because the perm has been more fluffy hair roots, we use the left and right to apply, try to just poke this hair tips.


hair fast care skills


3、bangs trim


After grabbing the complete top of the head, fingers will remain some hair wax, these are enough to grab the bangs, it is recommended not too neat, that deliberately pour look bad, especially for boys, sunshine big boy should be in the casual leak exquisite, this degree you grasp Oh!


As long as the barber store perm, it is basic to have the type, according to this way casually a care can handsome their face. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

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