Tips for men’s skin care and moisturizing in autumn

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Hormone is one of the factors affecting skin oil secretion. Male hormone will increase oil on the face. Therefore, the most obvious feature of male skin is that it produces more oil, especially men aged 15-25. If this situation is not controlled in time, the skin is prone to acne and pore expansion. Therefore, for young boys, it is recommended to use skin care products with oil control and moisturizing effect to adjust the skin to a good state of water and oil balance and get rid of oily phenomenon.


Skin care tips:


1,Usually supplement vitamin B6, can reduce sebum secretion.


2,Deep cleaning at least once a week to completely remove dandruff and dirt.


3,In addition to oil control, pay attention to replenishing moisture to the skin to achieve water oil balance.


Although most men’s skin belongs to oily skin, oily skin is also likely to be water deficient skin, resulting in fine lines on the face. Men around the age of 30, in fact, when the skin water and oil state is more balanced, pay attention to moisturizing care, which can delay the process of skin aging.


Skin care tips


Skin care tips:


1,A is the most dry season of the year, and the lips are easy to dry. It is suggested that men carry a lip balm.


2,It is recommended that men use moisturizing toner, which can remove residual oil from the epidermis, astringe pores, keep the pH value of the skin weak and acidic, and make the skin soft.


3,Men entering middle age, while their temperament is more mature and stable, insist on anti-aging care for their skin (especially around the eyes, corners of the mouth and forehead, which are easy to occur), which shows the charm of men’s forties.


Skin care tips:


1,Smoke as little as possible. According to the survey, if smokers are often exposed to the sun, the skin aging index will be 12 times higher than that of non-smokers.


2,Proper supplement of vitamin E and collagen can delay skin aging.


Men’s thorough cleansing is the most important


For men, daily thorough cleansing is the most important link in skin care. Because men’s skin oil secretion is generally strong, and the cleaning work is not done well, it is easy to cause pore blockage and form acne, blackhead, etc.


Wrong method: some men only wash their faces with water, which is wrong.


Face tips:


Washing your face with water can only wash away the dust and other dirt on the skin surface, and can not completely wash the excessive oil secreted on your face. It is best to choose men’s special facial cleanser, which has a better cleaning effect and can effectively prevent acne.


Natural oil film does not lose skin care products


The skin is oily. If you apply skin care products again, you will feel sticky and uncomfortable.


Face tips:


The oil film on the face is a natural moisturizing factor, and its effect is no worse than that of skin care products. However, if your skin is not so oily, it is recommended to use skin care products containing a certain amount of oil, but it is best to choose a moisturizer that is easy to be absorbed by the skin, so as to achieve the effect of deep moisture without greasy.


Skin care requires “nutrition”


Face tips:


No matter what brand or dosage form, decide to buy a small package before use, and conduct a local skin test on the inner side of the arm for up to 1 month to observe whether the skin has adverse reactions such as redness, pruritus and small pimples.


You may think that one month is a long time, but the adverse skin reactions caused by skin care products often cannot appear in the short term and need long-term observation. Therefore, the skin test must be done before replacing skin care products.

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