What are some men’s perfumes that women find addictive?

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What are some of the men’s perfumes that women find addictive?


1, Azzaro Pour Homme


This incense is famous overseas, but very unpopular at home. The Carmen Lover is a classic fuchte note, carving out a deep primeval forest of aged trees and thick moss that exudes a bitter oak moss. Leather and soap sense intervene at the same time, the instant has a deep masculine taste, this taste is not wild, on the contrary, the general sense of soap after shaver can give a person a strong sense of cleaning, like a gentleman with elegant demeanor, there is an air field between every move and every step.


2, Guerlain Vetiver


A classic recipe from 1959, vetiver is part of guerlain’s family heritage. Fresh lemon and green leaves, like a brief autumn or winter drizzle, wet oak moss covered in the mountain forest, the soil suddenly burst out of bitter earth. It is the flavor of vetiver grass, with the tenacity and persistence of wood. But in the oak moss for a long time under the dye, it looks a little cold melancholy. Tobacco is small in proportion, but it is the soul center, rekindling the masculine power of men. It was dry and hot, baking wood and earth and burning people’s noses. Fresh, steady, and at the same time do not lose the sense of power, perfect and balanced male taste.


3, Bentley For Men Absolute


men's perfumes


High-quality ebony, with its deep bitterness, grabs attention immediately. Rare frankincense resin, baked with charcoal, gives off a dry incense smell, like sitting around a campfire listening to sparks snap. Integral aroma is mellow, refined, use material not only precious, detail is same fine carve fine cut, reflected with its price extremely not equal expensive feeling. The whole scent feels like a well-learned British aristocrat in a suit and tie. He was well-mannered and youthful, but his eyes radiated a maturity that was not appropriate for his age and he had an unexpected air of confidence.


4,Diptyque Oud Palao


The incense creates a dramatic clash of temperament, as Lao agarwood, scorched by fireworks, exudes a deep, slightly choking bitterness, as intense as a dark cloud pressing against the top. Then a rose slipped out, its petals with a touch of rum, and danced alone in the smoky darkness. The incense is like the silent killer in the movie, merciless when raising the gun, and will drop a rose beside the corpse of the enemy as a symbol, deep in a small coxswain.


5,Tom Ford Oud Wood


He is the first modern perfume to enter the field of ebony, and has enlightenment significance to many ebony works of later generations. It starts with a light, soft and soft texture, but it becomes serious again in a twinkling of an eye. The solemn bitterness, silent, fascinates people. This is the unique charm of ebony, it does not have a touch of sweet, sweet candy is only children like things, no sweet is the world of adults, high level of happiness will not be easy to get. It is bitter serious, bitter deep, like an elite lawyer at the edge of politics, strong, both offensive and defensive.


6,Amouage Epic Man


This epic has inherited the consistent style of adoration, complex materials, atmosphere, majestic. It uses ebony, leather, myrrh, saffron, frankincense, wood and many other spices to create a magnificent army of spices. Numerous aroma falls in the baptism of burning incense, present instead a xin cool feeling, also had extremely strong sharp feeling because of this, be like an invincible esaber, gather force all at edge. The young king has always had the ambition to conquer the world.

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