What are the recommended hairstyles for men?

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Bangs hairstyle As a student type creamy boy, bangs hairstyle is definitely a very suitable hairstyle. This hairstyle looks cute and is more in line with the age and personality of modern guys. And this bangs hairstyle can also make a boy’s face look smaller, which is helpful for boys to carry out beauty plus analysis. In fact, in many schools, we can see many boys with bangs hairstyle.


Medium hairstyles are also a more fashionable hairstyle for guys. I believe that many of our friends will see very handsome guys getting a more handsome medium hairstyle in TV shows and movies. This medium hairstyle makes it feel a little more elegant. For guys who are still in college, such a medium hairstyle is definitely a very good choice that is both very, very classy and also gives a boost to the face value.


The partial haircut


hairstyles for men


If you don’t have the regular, beautiful hairline of a personality guy, don’t sigh, a handsome partial haircut is definitely the best choice for you. This haircut is extremely easy to take care of and is so handsome that it is sure to be loved by the girls around you at school.


Personality two-sided shovel short haircut


hairstyles for men


Personality two-sided shovel short hair is also very popular among boys on campus: three major styles of personality, handsome and fashionable switch at will. The short hair is combed into a parted design like the one below, which has a unique elegance and charming style of a mature man.


Piece hairstyle most of the boys believe that this kind of hairstyle is kept at some stage of their age, because it is said that many high school boys have such a requirement in their hairstyle.


For boys in school, such a long haircut is indeed more suitable, not just to serve some purpose, but such a hairstyle is definitely something that can make his masculinity appear greater for boys with a harder facial profile.


A hairy haircut is much longer than a thick haircut, but still shorter, the upward lift of the hair styling, to create a very energetic feeling, giving a feeling of unlimited sunshine, very suitable for sunshine boy oh. Fair-skinned boys can choose lighter hair colors, silver gray, grandmother gray, thin vine, sand gold can be cool! Go by your own preference. The natural skin tone is dyed with natural hair color so that it does not look abrupt. For example, Aoki flaxen gray, chocolate brown, molten brown, etc.


Really do not want to cut it short you can stay longer, the hair to do a positioning iron or softening, the hair will be straighter, first softening, then positioning, after that, every morning get up, use the hair dryer to blow back the hair to seven or eight points dry, then use the hair wax styling hair, and finally, spray dry gel, the hair will be fixed, a day do not worry!

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