What does the gentleman compare skin care brand to have?

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Now there are so many skin care brands, really is the choice of men can not pick over, I suggest that men or choose professional men skin care products.


With the development of social science and technology, the care products developed according to the characteristics of male skin can effectively clean the skin, give the skin moisture supply and refreshing and comfortable feeling, so that men have more face. Men’s needs for using care products, in terms of intensity, were “to enhance body image, highlight personal taste, increase self-confidence, and meet the expectations of their partners.” In today’s development of Rong he era background, men’s skin care products gradually from fashion consumption into rigid demand.


So what are the best skincare brands specifically designed for men?


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Super a line of male skin care technology, the cutting-edge technology from South Korea, designed to create temperament male god. All of their products are designed to improve the rough skin of men and turn ordinary men into gods. Their milk is my main product. The product functions are complete, moisturizing and moisturizing at the same time, but also whitening and brightening skin, oil control, calm and soothing. Essence mask also has a variety of effects to choose from. In short, you want what function of skin care products, their home has, it is a treasure brand!!


2, the LAB SERIES lang shi


Lanthes comes from the LAB SERIES of Estee Lauder Group. It is the world’s first leading brand of men’s exclusive skin care. The reputation and popularity of the brand is good. Their moisturizing and invigorating trilogy is the star product of their home. It includes multi-functional cleansing. Blue Bottle and late night essence. Facial cleanser is soap base compound coconut oil glycine sodium, cleaning power is stronger than pure amino acid cleanser many, wash more clean. At the same time, there are amino acid ingredients gentle, wash not tight. Add classic curacao aloe and honeysuckle flower extracts for anti-inflammatory, especially for oily skin! Lotion is oligopeptide + several anti-inflammatory moisturizing extracts, toner is more inclined to cocktail formula, in the oligopeptide based on adding whitening + anti-inflammatory + soothing + antioxidant extracts, can be said to be very comprehensive. All in all, greasy boy buy it right!


3,Meet Fragrance


Meet Fragrance, derived from Hong Kong meet fragrance cosmetics group, is the world fragrance shampoo and care advocacy brand. The high-end perfume is integrated into the care products to successfully realize the dual presentation of the care function and the fragrance of the perfume, so that consumers have a good use experience. Their face cleanser is very popular and is the first choice for many men. This facial cleanser is a combination of amino acid + soap base ingredients, plus betaine and other amphoric surface active ingredients, so oil control and cleaning force are very good! And a touch of perfume, very advanced feeling.

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