Which brand of lip balm for men is good? Recommended lip balm for men in winter

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As winter gets colder and colder, the temperature becomes drier. Some beautiful women who pay attention to maintenance have just started using moisturizer and lip balm, it is not clear if there are men who also use lip balm? The cold wind has been blowing the face dry, along with the lips also dry to peel, so men also remember to use lip balm in winter. Strongly recommend several powerful men’s lip balm to the guys!


Recommended lip balm for men in winter:


Nivea Lip Balm for Men SPF 15


lip balm for men in winter


This Nivea lip balm with shea butter, avocado oil and Brazilian palm tree three nourishing ingredients, can fill the lips with sufficient moisture and nutrients, lock the lips moisture and enhance the SPF15 sunscreen isolation role. When applied, it keeps the lips moisturized all day long.


Shiseido MOILIP Lip Balm


This Shiseido lip balm is an adjustable lip balm with a variety of repairing vitamins, moisturizing factors and nourishing ingredients to reduce the discomfort caused by cracked, swollen and broken lips, repair dry lips and suppress lip inflammation. The application will be slightly fragrant mint refreshing feeling, of course, not greasy feeling. When your lips are very dry, you can use this lip balm.


Neutrogena sunscreen lip balm


This Neutrogena lip balm with pure castor oil and corn oil is a pure natural ingredient that can deeply moisturize the lips, reasonably relieve cracked lips and reduce the lip line caused. The lips are moisturized and glossy when applied without a waxy smoothness, with a sunscreen isolation value of SPF 15.


CARMEX small Miette repair lip balm


This little Miette lip balm is a favorite lip care product of many celebrities and is able to sell an average of 100 units per minute worldwide. It has ingredients such as beeswax, Lanolin and Spearmint to eliminate lip wrinkles, moisturize and nourish the lip skin, and treat various lip problems. Whether it’s dryness and molting or frostbite, it’s a must for winter lip care.


The above four lip balms are particularly suitable for men in the winter application, even men are also or can not beat the cold rustling, so or to carry on a lip balm to maintain their own lip skin.

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