2021 fall and winter shower gel recommended list: 5 body wash test, stay fragrant lasting, brighten the complexion

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Daily cleaning, hydration, moisturizing, the body wash on the market basically have this effect, the body wash can dissolve and clean the dirt and oil accumulated on the skin and in the pores, so that the skin can remain fresh and clean, will not be damaged by dirt, but also to prevent the skin pores from clogging and lead to some skin problems appear. The body wash also has a skin whitening effect, many body washes are added with niacinamide, when using the body wash, the niacinamide will quickly penetrate into the skin, brighten the skin tone, make the skin more fair. So what are the recommended body washes?


1, Kiehl’s original fragrance body wash

Velvety smooth shower essence makes the skin soft after use and carries the aroma of Kiehl’s “original fragrance” with a unique modern feel. Made with moisturizing glycerin, sweet almond oil and Sodium PCA, its unique formula keeps skin from drying out and envelops the skin for a smooth, soft afterfeel. Caramel gives this formula a natural, rich amber color.


2,  mvmv geranium body wash

This is a private perfumer by the British craftsmanship, the main tone geranium tone is very suitable for summer, and a light white wood fragrance, just wash may feel a little thick, but later is light and elegant unique smell, very good. It contains Centella asiatica, licorice extract, niacinamide, and extracts of thuja root pure natural precious plant extracts. The geranium essential oil can balance the skin’s water and oil secretion and relieve psychological stress. Centella asiatica replenishes skin collagen, eliminates acne and acne marks, anti-inflammatory repair, and antioxidant skin care effects. The aroma and skin care requirements of the pro can try this one, but also I have been back to buy one of the.


3, Jo Malone London(jomalone) fragrance body wash (blue wind chimes)


Jo Malone Londonfragrance body wash


Jo Malone London is a British niche salon perfume brand, but in recent years it has become popular in China, it is also gradually more and more people know, in fact, in addition to perfume products, Jo Malone London family also has a shower gel, the scent is undoubtedly the same scent of British pear and freesia perfume, or a very popular perfume-based shower gel.


4, George Carroll men’s body wash set

Men’s special cologne bath set, like cologne smell of men can not miss Oh, the value and efficacy of a set of bath products, charming male fragrance, light fragrance elegant, a flush that is clean, lasting fragrance.


5, L’OCCITANE verbena bath

Contains soothing verbena extract, especially for sensitive skin, bringing a gentle cleansing effect, so that the skin lingers with a light and delicate spring scent. Key benefits: turns a rushed shower into a leisurely, comfortable treat. Rich in verbena extract, after using the skin smooth and comfortable, back to calm, orange, lemon, verbena, azuki, bitter orange leaf for the skin to add a light fragrance, to promote a pleasant mood, both men and women are suitable.


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