30+ you don’t have to pursue perfection, you’re beautiful

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Today we are going to explore a question about the age of women ~


I found from the age of 25, the days go a little faster in the heart, but can feel the passage of time is a wonderful thing, missed what, and what have, so do not want to just glimpse that little beauty in life, and now like things, of course, is no longer a momentary pleasure in the long years.


These years there are many dramas are exploring the life and heart state after 30 years old, from a few years ago “I may not love you”, Korean drama “the beautiful sister who often invites dinner” to last year’s hot land drama “thirty only” …. If you take beauty care, at about this age, the skin condition will start to change differently, you may not notice, but unknowingly it is already happening, and this golden crossover point is really interesting, no matter the physiology, material, habits, etc. have a huge impact.


After 20 years of age for the pursuit and exploration of self-personality, 30 years old is an age to understand yourself better.


What is the most suitable for you, what kind of style is the most suitable for you, and start to have a set of life style that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Now it becomes beautiful because it has its own ideas


At 30 years old, the restlessness of 20+ has faded, and it has not yet entered the indisputable 40+. At this age when quality changes just begin, treat anything with a very personal filter and open to experimentation.


A more mature woman’s state of mind is partly dominated by her body: a regular routine, a healthy body and perfect skin texture.


So the first step to loving yourself is also to choose a suitable skincare gadget for yourself, and to habitually set aside a small amount of time each day thereafter to take care of your body and skin.


In the past, we were attracted to beauty alone, but now we choose beautiful skincare products that are “warm and elegant”. For 30+ women, without a little sensual enjoyment and stirring that elegance has, beauty will become cold and not really pleasing to the eye.


Skin care, is not as lazy as 20 years old. At that age, it is a miracle that you can wipe your face in the morning and evening. The ignorant are fearless, to 30 years old, is never dare to so perfunctory skin cleaning and moisturizing.




I’m serious, my skin is in very good condition since 2020, so I don’t have to worry much. It’s not that I’ve been putting more effort into my skincare, it’s really that less travel, less work, less stress, and a better mood have helped my whole body and mind to enter a healthy cycle and speed up my metabolism. Last week I bravely stood up to weigh myself and found that after months of eating and drinking at home, my weight had decreased rather than increased.


Another important factor is that nowadays I have the leisure to sit in front of the dressing table for a quarter of an hour, with a religious attitude towards skincare products, researching the principles of ingredients, and honestly following the steps to use them, the massage, the emulsification, I don’t know if it’s a change of heart, but I think this year’s products are particularly useful ~.


No need to pursue perfection, it is very beautiful


The modern society, beautiful is not like the traditional definition, must pursue white and perfect, more often we focus on their own charm, you can have ideas, you can be unique, can be very humorous and funny.


I often see the title of some articles written [perfect makeup], for me, more important than flawless makeup, is [suitable] makeup.


Makeup is a fun thing, but also very personal, do not care how flawless the base makeup or eyes on the eyes to halo the gradual layer, these are only technical aspects, after 30 you, more pursuit should be after makeup can make people feel that you are very exciting, want to see more, not just your makeup is perfect today.


I would also like to say that the whitening thing, the pursuit of white is a personal orientation, but to the 30 stage, in fact, the shine is more important than white!


After 30, the skin’s own oil production has been less than the 20s, the basic moisturizing becomes more important, moisturizing the face of the keratin to normal metabolism, the face of the shine will naturally present with the degree of moistening, can really reduce the age of many, can also reduce the amount of foundation used.


No matter what age, cleanliness, moisturizing and sun protection are the three most basic elements, which are more important than the pursuit of white.


As you get older, you will care more and more about the eye skin problems that appear earlier. Therefore, it is important to take good care of it all year round ~ so I will pay special attention to eye care.


The skin of the eyes is aging faster than the skin of other parts of the face to be faster, because the skin is thin, a variety of blinking micro-expressions every day led to local skin pressure, the collagen layer is more likely to form creases and fractures, plus our modern people do not leave the body cell phone love to stay up late, the eye area aging 20 years younger than the seeds have been planted, please early to use the efficacy of eye cream, please!


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