5 home fat burning and shaping training movements, you can also lose weight at home and maintain a good body

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A lot of people shopping to see some people have a very good body, with a vest line,with abs and other fit and good-looking body , they are determined to go back to lose weight, and have the same good-looking body as others, but many people fail to just stick to the day, do not go to do, so you are not thin, because weight loss is a very long thing to do, we need a long time to adhere to, not a day can make you thin down.


So weight loss during these points you should pay attention to.


1, refuse to “slogan weight loss”, must go to action, or you can never lose weight.

2, do not blindly lose weight, before losing weight to set themselves a good weight loss plan, according to the plan to carry out.




1,Action one, open and close jump


This action is not just a warm-up action, but also a super fat burning action, if you want to simply exercise, then adhere to 20 minutes of open and closed jump training every day, you can also lose weight.


Each group 1 minute, rest a minute, the whole process 20 minutes, adhere to 2 months, your body fat rate can drop 3%.


2, support open and close jump


This action can stimulate the second half of your muscles in a short period of time, as well as your arm muscles, not only has a very good fat burning effect, but also to shape your body curve,.


3, abdominal knee lift


This action can improve your own stability and balance, exercise to your leg muscles, as well as abdominal, arm muscles, so that your body becomes more tight, the


4, side lunge


This action can stimulate your lower body muscles, because the content of the lower body muscles is the largest, so your body can burn fat faster, so that more muscles involved in the movement to shape the body curve.


5, lunge knee lift


This action can better stimulate your legs, buttocks, and abdominal muscles, thus improving your body metabolism, speeding up your fat burning rate, as well as improving your body balance and allowing you to improve your muscle strength.


So, don’t always give yourself excuses for laziness, hurry up and take action, this summer will soon be over.

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