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“The same applies to makeup tools. There are many different kinds of makeup tools on the market, so how do we find the most suitable one for ourselves in a sea of tools? This article will hopefully give some help to the newbies, this article is mainly to sort out the types of makeup brushes and how to use them, as well as some of my own experience.


This is a set of makeup brushes that I am also using myself, first of all, the green color gives a very fresh feeling, the material is very soft experience is also very good, I will use this set of makeup brushes to give you a systematic introduction. This set of makeup brushes face brush contains: setting brush, blush brush, side shadow brush, fan-shaped highlighting brush, oblique nose shadow brush from left to right in order


The fixing brush is mainly for the base makeup, a large area of color and loose powder base, loose powder brush I have used a lot, but most of them have some more or less problems, such as the brush is generally more eat powder of course this belongs to a relatively small problem, the general brush bristles are relatively dense brush relatively eat powder, the brush is relatively fluffy will be relatively good, there is a relatively serious problem is to tie the meat, these pits I believe many sisters have also stepped in the pit, so choose a comfortable and do not eat powder loose powder brush is very important.


makeup tools


The same is true of blush brushes, which are also soft and fluffy in texture, so that when creating blush is natural and good-looking, side shadow brushes mainly play a finishing role, because they are used for the side face so generally have a certain slope, used to fit the skin of the side face, so the general large head of the brush with slope is the side shadow brush.


Fan-shaped highlighting brush is used to create shiny highlights, so the horizontal area is very large, but this large area of the brush has advantages and disadvantages, this is only applicable to the cheekbones and under the eyes area of the larger part, such as the lips on the highlights I recommend or use a flat-headed brush for local refinement such as the above figure of the eighth fine brush. Side nasal shadow brush I generally use very little, generally side nasal shadow by hand will make your nasal shadow more natural.


In this set of tools in the face brush, I think the beauty of the lack of a very important tool brush that is the foundation brush.


These years the beauty egg and air cushion powder puff is really too hot, foundation brush almost in the beauty session no name …… but in fact for handicapped party or lazy people, I recommend the use of foundation brush makeup, because it basically does not test the makeup technique, makeup faster and easier! The bristles of the foundation brush are usually arranged solidly, so that the design can push the foundation, powder cream evenly away


The soul of a makeup is, of course, eye makeup, a delicate makeup must not only you “have a few technical brushes” more must have a few real brushes, general eye makeup part used is to lay color brush, halo brush, detail brush, of course, there are some more specific subdivision, such as round-headed halo, and detail eyeliner brush.

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