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Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who doesn’t use perfume has no future.” Women are not only addicted to buying lipsticks, but they also feel secure when they get all kinds of fragrances in their pockets. However, it is not enough to know how to choose a perfume, it is more important to learn to store the perfume, so that its fragrance can stay with you longer.


The past life of perfume


As the saying goes, a woman can smell the fragrance. In fact, the same perfume sprayed on different people will have a different smell, the taste will change with the body temperature, sweat secretion, so that each person has its own fragrance label.


The first people to generate such fragrance labels were the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians’ ingenuity and wisdom allowed them to make good use of various plant fragrances and aromatherapy, and the world’s earliest perfume was the Egyptians’ invention of kefir, but there was no technology to refine high-purity alcohol at that time, so kefir should be a “fragrance oil” to be exact. The Egyptian priests and pharaohs developed this ancient perfume to worship the gods and represent the sacrosanct.


Thousands of years later, perfume finally came down to earth and was widely popularized first in Italy and then in the celebrity circles of England and France.


The Black Death broke out in Europe in the 14th century, and doctors thought it was airborne, so people were advised to wear heavy clothing and not to bathe, so that dirt would clog their pores and reduce the risk of the disease.


Although it sounds laughable now, this misconception lasted for four or five hundred years before it was lifted. During the centuries when the vast majority of Europeans did not bathe, their demand for perfume to cover their body odor kept rising, greatly contributing to the development of the perfume industry.




The outbreak of the Black Death contributed to the development of the perfume industry.


The outbreak of the Black Death has contributed to the development of the perfume industry.


In the 17th century, the English town of Berkshire, which was also a lavender trading center, escaped the Black Death disaster and no one in the town got sick.


It was only then that it dawned on Europeans that the Black Death was spread by fleas and that lavender had a natural insect repellent effect. This discovery not only dared them to bathe, but also inspired them to use aromatherapy to chase away epidemics.


After the 17th century, people became crazy obsessed with perfume, and not only did the fragrances become more abundant, but a variety of perfume bottles began to emerge. These old glassware can still evoke the old man’s girlish heart even now.


A few years ago, archaeologists found a well-sealed jar of perfume on the island of Cyprus between Egypt and Turkey, which has been preserved for more than 4,000 years, it is made of cinnamon, laurel, Yaojinniang, back celery and citrus peel, pure natural ingredients although after thousands of years, was found when it can still be used, no deterioration!


So, as long as the perfume is properly preserved, there is still a chance that it can be turned into an antique. Perfume preservation Tips


The first thing to keep in mind is that sunlight is the natural enemy of perfume! Modern perfumes are, after all, chemical products that undergo various chemical reactions when exposed to sunlight. When the composition of the perfume undergoes a subtle change, deterioration is just around the corner ……


The right thing to do is to always put the perfume in a place where it is protected from light. The majority of perfume bottles are now transparent glass bottles, to be on the safe side, it is best to prepare them with a good shade, to completely eliminate the sunlight to extend the life cycle of perfume Oh ~.


In addition to avoiding light, the storage location of the perfume should also be carefully chosen. It is important to know that the smell of perfume changes with the temperature, too hot, too humid or constantly changing temperature will lead to different reactions. Some perfume experts suggest that it is best to keep the perfume in a dark colored box that is protected from light and also ensures a stable and cool temperature.


It is best to store different fragrance notes separately, such as if the fragrance and woody notes should be separated, and the floral and grassy marine notes must also be separated.


The perfume must remember to tighten the lid every time you use it, and it is best to put the lid on the unused perfume for a long time and put it in the original box to ensure that it does not become tasteless.


Most perfume bottles are marked on the bottle to indicate how long they will be used up, but in fact, perfumes do not have a fixed shelf life, as long as they are properly stored, their fragrance life can be greatly extended. If you have mastered the method of preserving perfume, you will be able to buy the perfume you want to buy.


If it weren’t for storage space and budget constraints, I believe that girls would be as addicted to buying perfume as they are to buying lipstick, with none of the floral and fruity unisex fragrances being spared.


The choice of perfume


Especially now in summer, a very easy to sweat and become a “taste” of the season, a suitable perfume becomes more important! For example, too strong perfume is not very suitable for the bright summer, but may give a bad feeling of closeness.


As a picky perfume control, after using 100+ perfumes, I found that the perfume that really makes people feel better is the purest back to nature flavor! So how should I choose a summer perfume?


Summer fragrances should be fresh and fruity.


Fresh floral and fruity scents such as gardenia, jasmine, lavender, etc. are great for a vibrant summer day.


How to spray summer perfume?


1, after the shower, or before leaving home in the morning, the perfume will be sprayed in the air, and then walk into the air, so that the fragrance molecules slowly in your hair, body, clothing, so that the perfume sprayed out of the smell is not so deliberate, as if it comes with body fragrance.


2, Carry a bottle of perfume with you: before going out to eat, spray a little on your hair and clothes to avoid your hair and clothes from absorbing the smell of food.


3, before the date, the perfume will be sprayed on the wrist, behind the ears, the back of the neck, elbows and other parts of the body, so that he will not be able to smell the charming scent emanating from your body, always emitting hormones.


4. Before going to bed at night, spray the perfume on the pillow, when you wake up, your hair will be left with the residual fragrance of the pillow, every strand of hair is fragrant, so the fragrance is also more lasting.

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