Aloe vera gel after applying to wash? 7 kinds of correct usage to tell you

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Aloe vera gel has hydration, acne, anti-inflammatory and calming, after-sun repair and other beauty benefits, and for different effects, the use of different methods, so in the use of aloe vera gel, applied to the face after the need to wash away with water? To make sure you’re using it correctly, check out Nikisho’s summary of the correct usage!


Daytime use requires washing off


If you are using aloe vera gel during the day, it is best to wash it off. If you don’t wash it off after applying aloe vera gel, it will be easy to rub your face with mud or uneven makeup.


How to use: After cleansing and toning, apply aloe vera gel to the parts of the face that need it, such as dry, sensitive, acne-prone areas, massage in circles until absorbed, and then wash off for 3-5 minutes on the face, followed by normal skin care and makeup.


Tip: daytime use of aloe vera gel even without makeup beauty must also be washed away, or the morning applied aloe vera gel, to noon, due to the aloe vera gel may appear skin peeling illusion.


No need to wash it off for nighttime use


If you are using aloe vera gel at night, you can stay on your face until it is naturally absorbed, or even use it as a sleeping mask, and then wash it off normally when you cleanse your face the next day. This is because night time is the prime time for the skin to absorb nutrients, and aloe vera gel stays on the face without causing a burden to the skin.


How to use: After cleansing and skin care, apply the aloe vera gel with your fingers on the parts of your face that need it, you can apply the right amount of thick; you can also apply the aloe vera gel on your face about the thickness of a coin, massage it slightly, and wash it off the next morning when you cleanse your face.


Tip: Although you don’t need to wash off the aloe vera gel at night, you must apply it after all the skin care steps are finished, otherwise it will affect the application and absorption of other skin care products and cause mud rubbing.


Aloe vera gel usage book


Aloe vera gel


1, aloe vera gel can be used as a cream When the amount of cream can not be too much, more press the film to let the skin fully absorbed. If the dosage is too much, the skin does not absorb it, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of rubbing mud. Because of the aloe vera polysaccharide, so aloe vera gel may be a little sticky feeling when you use it. The winter after rubbing the aloe vera gel may not be enough moisturizing strength, will feel a little dry, the best after using the aloe vera gel and then use some other cream or lotion. The summer is very good, hydration and not greasy, very refreshing, very comfortable to use.


2, aloe vera gel can be used to make a mask There are two uses: one is to apply a thick aloe vera gel directly after cleansing, wash off the next day, feel the skin very smooth. And if you have red and itchy symptoms on your face, after using it as a mask, these symptoms will improve a lot.


Another use is to apply a thick aloe vera gel base after cleansing, and then put on aloe vera moss juice or pure dew or other non-irritating water paper film, about 20 minutes after taking off, the skin will feel sucked up moisture, water, tender, and aloe vera gel has a very good repair effect, can be a good repair skin broken tissue, another skin smooth and elastic.


3, aloe vera gel can be used to blend essential oils There are many mm reflect aloe vera gel can be used to blend olive oil, etc., can lighten the small fine lines. I have not tried this usage myself, so there is no way to explain it in detail, please forgive me.


4, aloe vera gel and isolation cream mix aloe vera gel can be mixed with isolation cream after use, so will not rub mud, and very moist, will not feel too thick too dry isolation cream, and aloe vera gel itself also has a certain isolation effect, the two mixed isolation effect will be better.


5, if the mosquito bite or skin broken or something, you can use aloe vera gel, its unique repair, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, to relieve pain, itching, redness and other symptoms, can promote the healing of wounds.


6, aloe vera gel to do import method is very simple, is to rub on any one of the essence you want to import, and then aloe vera gel thickly coated on the face to do import, aloe vera is to play the role of slip, just like in the hospital to do ultrasound examination when rubbing the coupling agent.


7, aloe vera gel + night cream in the night cream with a little aloe vera gel, so coated in the face absorbed up quickly, and also feel water.

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