Anti-wrinkle no effect? The cause of wrinkle formation, you may have ignored these factors

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Anti-wrinkle ineffective how to do? How do your wrinkles grow out? The reason for the formation of wrinkles, you may have ignored these factors. As the saying goes, “A wrinkle shows ten years old.” Quickly pick up the mirror to see how many years you have aged?


The sagging of the face, can hold a coin of the head line and the scar of the years called the crow’s feet, these minutes let the girl into a mother, goddess into a passerby. However, even if the beauty of the sisters early on with the light wrinkle products but still can not escape the baptism of wrinkles, what is the reason?


How do your wrinkles grow out? The reason for the formation of wrinkles, internal factors:


1,Loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin


The loss of collagen will make the skin thinner, the breakage of elastic fibers will make the skin lose its elasticity and the decrease of hyaluronic acid will make the water content of the skin decrease. The skin gradually loses its support, which leads to sagging, collapse, depression and eventually real wrinkles.


2,Skin metabolism cell synthesis function slowed down


With age, the body function into the sluggish period, the skin old waste material metabolism is slow, synthetic cell vitality decreases, the skin will become loose, dry.


3,Congenital causes, from genetics


Congenital bone development problems, such as sunken nasal base, dental/bony convex mouth, high cheekbones, etc., will form natural lines.


Anti-wrinkle is not effective? Intrinsic factors that cause wrinkles to form


How do your wrinkles grow out? Extrinsic factors of wrinkle formation


1,Air pollution, ultraviolet radiation harmful light damage


Air haze, exhaust fumes, second-hand smoke, ultraviolet radiation, cell phones, computers, LED lights for the skin brought about by photoaging, prompting the skin wrinkles, sagging and other aging performance


2,The region and climate also lurk the cause of wrinkles


Southern climate is characterized by damp, cold, ultraviolet rays in summer, winter air conditioning heating, skin is more prone to oxidation; northern climate is characterized by: dry and cold, sandy, poor air quality, will make the skin become dry, more prone to wrinkles.


3,Facial expressions are too rich


Expressions can add to the expressive power of language, but also can contribute to the production of wrinkles. Often laughing, frowning and squinting, are prone to different degrees of pseudo-wrinkles.




4,Improper diet can also bring harm to the skin


Even just eating a candy can become a cause of wrinkles, a lot of practical sugar, will make the skin glycation phenomenon, such as yellowing, lusterless, sagging skin, etc..


Why are there no results after using many wrinkle products?


Everyone has different causes of wrinkles, how can one wrinkle reduction method improve everyone’s wrinkle problem? For example, how can the pseudo-wrinkles brought about by frequent laughing and the real wrinkles formed by collagen deficiency be improved in the same way? For example, how can the wrinkles formed by the long time exposure to ultraviolet rays of women who work all year round and the wrinkles caused by the late night and blue light radiation of office workers be improved in the same way?


So how can we effectively fight against wrinkles?


The key to anti-wrinkle is to customize an exclusive wrinkle reduction program according to the cause of wrinkle formation, for example, for wrinkle problems caused by collagen deficiency, you can use the program.


Repair – the synthesis function of collagen cells.


Adjustment – cellular gaps to make the skin firmer and smoother.


Nourish – moisturize the skin to make the skin nutrition and moisture balance.


Anti-wrinkle not effective? You may have overlooked these factors


Targeted wrinkle repair, conditioning, and maintenance from the inside out, so that the skin can restore a healthy and youthful state. This will lead to a conclusion: no matter what kind of wrinkles you have, it is vital to understand the causes of wrinkle formation. And to find the right skin care program for the cause of wrinkles, and persistently adhere to it, is the anti-wrinkle muscle secret you have been looking for.

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