Are you falling for the eye cream mistake? Mistakes about using eye cream

nikisho Date:2021-08-19 17:11:17
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When to use eye cream? How to use eye cream? Why did some people use eye frost instead eye more without god? Bright eyes should be very careful to care for. Nikisho unveils bad eye care methods, have you fallen for the mistake of using eye cream?


Myth 1. Use the same massage technique for all eye creams


It may surprise you, but the truth is that each eye cream uses a different massage technique and for a different time. Aim at the eye cream of black eye circle for instance, massage is to promote lymphatic circulation, and the purpose that protects wet eye cream to massage is to promote absorption, method is different of course. Massaging method must be consulted when buying eye frost so, incorrect massage gimmick may make your eye frost cannot exert full effect, pull eyelid likely still, had counter-effect.


eye cream


Myth 2. Use only eye cream or eye essence


Some people use the eye essence, no longer use the eye cream, but use the cream to take the area around the eyes. No good, after using eye ministry essence, must use eye frost, such ability locks the nutrient in essence. After all, eye cream and face cream ingredients are different, eye cream is specifically for the eye skin. It is not advisable to use eye cream alone, it is best to use it in combination.


Myth 3. Eye cream should be used to moisten the better


If eye frost is too greasy for your own skin, continue to use go on, not only will the chairman be around eye ministry adipose grain, the skin still appears more easily flabby. If you had grown fat grain, the method that solve, besides change the eye frost that uses clear and transparent quality of a material and do daily clean outside, still should permeate eye membrane of water of every few days of apply or the face film of a few fill water. After the metabolism of the skin is improved, without many days fat granules will fall off from themselves, eye skin will also be more hydrated, better absorption.


Myth 4. Use cream only around the corners of your eyes


The first wrinkles in the face are the three crow’s feet lines in the corners of the eyes, so people often use eye cream to massage the corners of the eyes perpendicular to the wrinkles, which is undoubtedly right. But the first areas of the face to sag and age are the underside of the eyes and the upper eyelid, which are less marked by aging than crow’s feet but are more vulnerable. So don’t just use it in the corners of your eyes. And the correct method of besmear eye frost is shun inside canthus, upper eyelid, eye tail, lower eyelid does ring to massage, let skin be absorbed completely.


See above eye cream use mistake you fall into the trap? Now for the use of eye cream is not to have some understanding. There are thousands of ways to protect your skin, but finding the right fit is key. You can use the way of customized skin care, find Nikisho exclusive customized skin care program.

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