Aspirin can whiten the skin? Hemorrhoid cream can remove eye bags? How many skin care misconceptions you have been tricked

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Online beauty and skin care tips are endless, a variety of real and fantasy beauty prescriptions on the network is really like a fish in water. Like aspirin can be whitened, hemorrhoid cream can go to the eye bags and so on, how many skin care myths you have been hit?


Skin care myth #1: Aspirin is a very good whitening product.


The active ingredient of aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid, and many whitening cosmetics contain salicylic acid as a component, so many people think that aspirin can whiten. Aspirin does contain acetylsalicylic acid, but it is a water-soluble ingredient, and its active ingredient is difficult to pass through the skin’s stratum corneum and be absorbed by the skin. In addition, if the ratio is not correct, the side effects of the drug can cause damage to the skin.


Skin care myth #2: Hemorrhoid cream can get rid of eye bags.


Hemorrhoid cream once popular network beauty forum, become a great treasure to get rid of bags under the eyes. Although hemorrhoid cream has a certain role in reducing swelling and stasis, but the musk component has a great irritation, applied to the area around the eyes, can penetrate through the skin to the body. Once the hemorrhoid cream enters the eyes there will be health risks, so it is not scientific to use hemorrhoid cream to get rid of eye bags.


Skin care myth #3: eat less black food, it will “dye the skin black”.


Many black food has significant beauty benefits, rich in nutrients required by the human body. Some people are afraid of darkening will be away from black food, the first to suffer is soy sauce. In fact there is no need to have such doubts. Skin color black or white, depending on the number and distribution form of mellanin pigments in the body, and black food has little to do with it.


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Skin care myth #4: To get rid of cellulite on the skin, the first step is to stay away from carbonated beverages.


It is often heard that to get rid of cellulite you need to stay away from carbonated beverages. In fact, this skin condition is caused by uneven levels of subcutaneous tissue accumulation and is not directly related to carbonated beverages. To get rid of this cellulite, you need to use some skin tightening and exfoliating body products, along with active exercise.


Skin care myth #5: Beer shampooing grows hair and moisturizes the scalp.


Luxury pulse skin butler told us that beer is weakly acidic, can neutralize alkaline shampoo products, and it is rich in vitamin B, a small amount of alcohol, nourishing and antiseptic effect, but the effect is not particularly obvious. Some of the current shampoo products are weakly acidic, and shampoos containing beer ingredients are not uncommon, so the effect of washing your hair with beer at home is not great.


Skin Care Myth #6: Using toothpaste to treat acne is economical and effective.


If you have nothing but toothpaste on hand, then use toothpaste to treat acne temporarily. It seems to work because the antiseptic and cooling ingredients in toothpaste reduce discomfort in the affected area. The ingredients containing hydrogen peroxide can relieve the redness and inflammation of acne, but hydrogen peroxide can also be irritating and can easily lead to skin irritation, which can be more than worth the cost.

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