Autumn is the season to use the lotion again, to say that the lotion first Clinique small butter

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The fall is here, an autumn rain a cold, the temperature decreases, the body sweat less, the skin lubricant sebaceous secretion is also greatly reduced, the skin becomes dry and dehydrated. It is the season to use lotion again, to say that the lotion first push Clinique small butter. So let’s talk about Clinique small butter today!


1, what is Clinique small butter


Clinique small butter


Clinique is the United States Estee Lauder’s second-line brand, its products have good sales in China, the most popular Chinese consumers push Clinique lotion, because the product packaging bottle is translucent, frosted texture, shadow about reveal the yellow texture of the lotion, because Clinique lotion has an oil and oil-free two differences, and oil formula in the Chinese market is the most popular, so people are accustomed to call up Clinique small butter to come.


Clinique moisturizing lotion formula and the skin’s natural moisturizing ingredients as one, replicating the natural water-oil balance, effectively preventing skin moisture loss and allergies, so that the skin immediately become good at importing nutrients wet sponge. Clinique’s small butter with oil and oil-free difference is: oil in the added oil ingredients, more moisturizing, suitable for dry / normal skin use. No oil in the oil-free ingredients, the texture is more refreshing, suitable for combination / oily skin use. Although the product is called Clinique moisturizer, it is actually a yellow liquid skin care lotion.


2, Clinique for what age


Clinique small butter is suitable for people in the age group of 20-30 years old (young muscle, student party) Clinique small butter main function is nourishing hydration moisturizing. Can meet the daily moisturizing and moisturizing work of young people for the skin. Because full 30 years old after people’s skin began to enter the aging period, the basic need to start using some with anti-aging products. The actual fall special effects moisturizer can still be the first one.


For young skin, the main function of skin care is to nourish and moisturize, and the main function of small butter is to nourish, hydrate, moisturize, is a mild, skin-friendly, comprehensive and efficient daily maintenance products, the most suitable for daily skin care requirements are relatively simple, to the basic moisturizing, antioxidant young family use. If you are a mature skin or pay close attention to anti-aging skin care, and feel that anti-oxidation is not enough, you must have more anti-aging products, then it is also very simple to use the clear butter as a penetrating milk, after it with more professional and strong anti-aging essence or lotion, cream, the active ingredients are more easily absorbed to play a role.


3, the use of clinique small butter precautions.


1, the amount of small butter do not obtain too much, it is a concentrated ingredient, so do not exaggerate in the amount. It is recommended that every morning and evening press the amount of transparent small butter suitable for personal use, generally about 2 pumps, for use after the water before the essence, the whole face use massage until absorption can be Oh!


2, must wait until the butter is thoroughly absorbed by the skin, the skin is fresh to continue to apply other skin care cosmetics. Especially after also on the sunscreen, isolation or foundation beauty products girls must pay attention to, otherwise the skin is prone to problems over time.


In general Clinique small butter a mild, skin-friendly, comprehensive and efficient daily maintenance products. It’s a great way to help balance water and oil, stabilize the skin, repair the sebum film, and keep the skin healthy and hydrated. The first thing you can do is to get the most out of Clinique’s small butter in the fall.

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