Avoid skin aging first understand the five major causes of skin aging

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Youth and beauty are the pursuit of modern people, regardless of gender, whether women or men, for youth and beauty have the pursuit, but youth and beauty is not destined to stay in a person for a long time, aging will eventually come, but we can make youth longer through maintenance, and want the right skin care maintenance, the first need to understand the causes of skin aging eggs, the following and Nikisho take a look at it.


First, free radicals


Free radicals are a major factor that causes skin aging can not be ignored, which has a strong oxidizing properties, exists in the human body, damage the body’s tissues and cells, causing the aging of the body. Therefore, inhibit the free radicals on the attack is the root of the fight against aging. Long-term exposure to sunlight and other factors can increase the number of free radicals, causing skin darkening, roughness, wrinkles and blemishes. For this reason, people need to be more prepared for the factors that cause free radicals, in order to slow down the effective action of aging


Second, secretion


The secretion of the human body also plays an important role in human aging. When the secretion is in a balanced state, the cell growth is rapid, the metabolism is strong, and the human skin is in a state of youthful vitality.


On the contrary, if the secretion is reduced or disturbed, it will lead to a reduction in the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands, so that the skin lacks sufficient moisture and oil nourishment, gradually becoming dry, rough and sagging skin aging phenomenon. The imbalance in secretion is not only affected by age, but also by other factors. For this reason, people need to pay attention to the regulation of lifestyle and diet to maintain a youthful skin condition.


skin aging


Third, connective tissue


Collagen fibers and elastic fibers in connective tissue are one of the important substances that support the elasticity, fullness and firmness of the skin. With age and the influence of external factors such as ultraviolet rays, collagen, the main component of collagen fibers, is easily lost and skin aging phenomena such as loss of elasticity, sagging and wrinkling occur. In order to combat aging, people can take in a certain amount of collagen to make up for the loss of quantity, to restore skin elasticity to a certain extent.


Fourth, ultraviolet radiation


Ultraviolet radiation is an important external disturbing factor that causes skin aging. On the one hand, ultraviolet light will directly damage the skin cells, so that the number of free radicals in the body of Ping, causing skin pigmentation, darkening, roughness, etc., prompting skin aging.


On the other hand, UV rays will also cause the loss of skin collagen, thus making the skin dry, lose elasticity, sagging and wrinkling. For this reason, people must do a good job of daily sun protection of the skin to avoid premature aging of the skin due to external factors.


Fifth, drinking alcohol


Alcohol has the role of promoting blood circulation, dilating blood vessels, accelerating the new metabolism, etc., moderate drinking alcohol has certain benefits for the human body. But long-term drinking will, will cause excessive expansion of facial blood vessels, which will cause microvascular fracture, so that the appearance becomes withered, emaciated, showing aging state.


For this reason, people must control drinking alcohol, if possible, try not to drink, especially women friends. However, red wine contains with antioxidants, therefore, proper consumption of some wine can receive the effect of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, you can try it.

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