Baby skin care guide : from washing and care to sun protection, no one should be missing.

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As a new parent, there is really not too much homework to do.In addition to baby food, baby’s skin is soft and delicate, and also needs careful parental care.Scientific selection of baby care products.


1, choose a shampoo and body wash with little irritation


When choosing a baby shampoo and body wash, we should be more concerned about whether the product formula is low irritation than whether it has good cleaning ability.The ingredients of baby shampoo and body wash are no more than surfactants, preservatives, fragrances and other potent ingredients.


Among them, the common substances that tend to cause irritation are: methylisothiazolinone, methylchloropidogrel.Methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, dmdm ethylene urea, flavor.


Parents in the purchase, you can carefully sift through the ingredients list, if you find that the product contains one of the above four ingredients, you should consider to change a product!


2, Choose a mild, moisturizing emollient products


The skin barrier function is not yet developed, so it is easy to cause dry skin, redness, itching, allergies and other problems due to water loss or external environmental stimuli.


Therefore, when choosing skin care products for infants and children, you should focus on the mildness and moisturizing properties of the products to help strengthen the skin barrier of infants and children.


Judging the mildness of a product can be achieved by whether the product contains fragrance, allergenic preservatives (same as 1), etc.; as for moisturizing properties, here is a simple question.As for moisturizing properties, here is a simple mnemonic, you just have to remember it.Strong moisturizing with cream cream, to refresh with milk dew.


body wash


3, Choose physical sunscreen


Sun protection needs to be done from a young age ! Babies under 1 year old have delicate skin and are more likely to have adverse reactions when applying sunscreen products.


Therefore, infants under the age of 1 should not use sunscreen, and should avoid going out in direct sunlight period (10 am to 2 pm daily).If you need to go outside, try to protect yourself from the sun by wearing a physical cover such as a hat or umbrella.Children over the age of 1 will often be playing outside with their peers, and wearing an umbrella or hat for sun protection can be inconvenient.


Therefore, children in this age group can use pure physical sunscreen as needed and reapply every 2 hours or after sweating: Go to the beach to play, use SPF 50 pure physical sunscreen, the best with a hat, hair also need sun protection Oh ~


Long time outdoor play, use spf30 or so pure physical sunscreen.The pure physical sunscreen mentioned here is a sunscreen that uses only titanium dioxide or (and) zinc oxide as a sunscreen.


Baby skin care needs to pay attention to the problem


1, Proper bathing, timely moisturizing


Babies and toddlers secrete less oil and sweat, so it is usually enough to bathe once a day or every other day, and choose to use less irritating, mild bathing and shampoo products.


Within 5 minutes after bathing, use special moisturizing cream / lotion for infants and children to apply all over the body, once every 12 hours or as needed, moisturizing products should also be selected according to the degree of dryness of infant skin, season, environment, etc.


In spring and summer, choose a cream that feels refreshing, and in autumn and winter, choose a heavy cream when suffering from eczema.


2, Special parts to pay attention to strengthen care


Infants and children’s sweat and dirt tend to stay in the armpits, buttocks and other skin folds, especially the buttocks.


If parents do not change diapers in time, the skin of the buttocks will be in contact with urine and feces for a long time, which may cause diaper dermatitis, or red farts, in the local skin of infants and children.


Therefore, in addition to using a mild baby shower gel for comprehensive cleaning, after cleaning the buttocks, you can use buttock cream products to insulate them from urine stimulation.

Finally, due to the individual differences of babies, even if the products are safe in composition, if allergies and skin abnormalities occur during the use of the product, you should immediately stop using the product and pay attention to the observation; if the symptoms still do not improve, please seek medical attention.


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