Baby’s autumn skin care should be prepared up

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The weather in autumn is very cool and dry, and mosquitoes are very abundant, which is very unfriendly to small babies. Autumn wind is high, the little baby’s skin is very delicate, it is easy to appear allergies, cracking, plateau red and other symptoms, but also very easy to be mosquito bites.


It is important to protect your baby from mosquitoes in autumn (“mosquitoes are fiercer than tigers in autumn”, so make sure you protect your baby from mosquitoes), but skin care is also very important, and you need to take care of your baby’s healthy growth with a two-pronged approach.


1, dry skin

Autumn is dry and windy, so dry skin is a very common problem for babies, and some babies will have allergies and cracks.


Therefore, you should reduce the number of times you give your baby a bath in autumn, and control the water temperature of the bath at about 36-38 degrees Celsius. After giving your baby a bath, you must apply moisturizing cream to your baby to moisturize the skin and prevent the loss of a lot of moisture, dry skin and peeling.


Baby Skin Care


2,Highland redness on the face

In autumn, many babies’ faces will appear plateau red, parents should not simply feel very cute, baby face plateau red, indicating that the skin of the face has been damaged, the need for timely care.


1, cold compresses on the baby’s face can promote vasoconstriction and have a calming and soothing effect on the skin.


2, do not wash the face too often, once in the morning, or twice in the morning and evening


3、After each wash, apply moisturizer to the baby.


4, after the baby falls asleep at night, apply moisturizer to the baby’s face for repair.


3, skin allergies

Baby’s skin is relatively thin and fragile, poor resistance to damage, so every time the season, many babies will appear allergies. These symptoms usually appear: red and peeling skin on the face, neck, wrists, hands and abdomen, leading to itching and itching, emotional instability, refusal to be held and touched by others, etc.


1, away from allergens, frequent cleaning, keep the room clean and tidy; regular cleaning of baby toys.


2、Focus on moisturizing the baby and apply moisturizing cream every day.


3、Choose cotton A clothes for babies to prevent skin allergies.


4、Boost your baby’s immunity, increase your baby’s exercise and regularly supplement vitamin D, calcium and other nutrients.


If your baby’s skin appears abnormal, you should go to the hospital in time to seek medical attention, do not use your own private medicine to prevent secondary damage to your baby’s skin!

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