“Beauty” is so simple! Deciphering the past life of medical facial injectable fillers

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As we age, skin inevitably develops sagging, wrinkles, and facial-type contour aging. Injectable fillers are one of the common light medical aesthetic items in daily life, which can be injected into the dermis or subdermis with biological materials or synthetic materials with good biocompatibility to achieve the effect of reducing skin folds or shaping. So far, injectable filler materials have undergone three changes.


The 1st generation of filler products – collagen-based fillers


The history of bovine collagen as a soft tissue filler dates back to the early 1980s. Due to its high tensile strength, biodegradable properties, low antigenic activity, low irritation, and low cellular activity, collagen has the advantages of moisturizing and moisturizing, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, skin repair, and elasticity restoration in facial beauty.




1, Moisturizing and nourishing.


The triple helix structure of collagen is conducive to firmly locking moisture and nutrients, and the hydroxyproline and serine contained within it are natural moisturizing factors that help prevent water loss and moisturize and nourish.


2, Skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing.


After collagen enters the dermis tissue through the epidermis, it can quickly fill the local collapse, improve the sagging skin, reduce deep wrinkles and smooth fine lines.


3, repair tissue and restore elasticity.


Collagen filler product injected into subcutaneous or dermal tissues, the new tissues gradually generated will coordinate with the surrounding normal skin and form a mesh support body with elastic fibers to enhance skin elasticity and increase tissue capacity, and at the same time induce its own collagen regeneration to achieve the effect of filling and wrinkle removal.

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