Blowing air conditioning skin too dry how to do air conditioning room air is too dry how

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Summer outside the sun is very big, the temperature is high, we like to stay in the air conditioning room to enjoy the cool, can not go out, but often blowing air conditioning skin will be very dry. Blowing air conditioning skin is too dry how to do?


First of all, let’s look at why blowing air conditioning can lead to dry skin. Under the high temperature of summer, people in the air-conditioned room to start, the temperature inside is very low, resulting in a huge temperature difference, the body’s blood vessels in order to regulate the temperature will shrink sharply, it is easy to get sick and cold. So the temperature in the air conditioning room is best not too low, it will not cause too much temperature difference. In addition to the sun when we will lose water, in the air-conditioned room, we are also evaporating water. When you feel thirsty and dry skin, your body dehydration situation is already very serious. So in the air-conditioned room should also pay attention to hydration, you can put a humidifier in the room to increase the humidity, to give the skin a moist environment is not so easy to dry.


Summer bath time should be controlled, preferably within fifteen minutes, the bath time is too long will accelerate the loss of skin moisture. The choice of body wash is also very important, try to choose a weak acidic body wash, do not use alkaline body wash or soap bath. After the shower, you should promptly apply body lotion to moisturize the skin. This will reduce the excessive loss of skin moisture in the air-conditioned room.


We need more moisture in summer, plus the air in the air-conditioned room is not circulating and dry, more need to drink more water to replenish moisture from the inside out.


Summer also needs serious skin care, every day with toner, eye cream and essence, the hot weather is easy to sweat and oil, choose a refreshing skin care products better. You can also always keep a moisturizing spray on hand, and feel dry when you spray some spray to replenish your skin moisture.eye cream



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Ways to solve the dry air in air-conditioned rooms


Put a humidifier in the room, fill it with water every day in time, and clean it once a week to make the air moist and clean. Do not put in the humidifier in addition to pure water, especially aromatherapy essential oils with fragrance, with more will corrode the respiratory tract caused by various respiratory diseases.


Put a moist towel next to the air conditioner, so that the air conditioning wind with moist vapor blowing out. Do not want to bother changing the water often, you can put a basin of water, and then put half of the towel in the water, half hitch out of the basin, so that you can keep the towel moist.


Keep some plants, put some plants in the room, moist plants will add humidity to the room, purify the air and regulate the humidity in the room.


Put one or two pots of water directly in the room, water evaporation will add humidity to the room, but also the most economical method.


Blowing air conditioning skin too how to do the answer is these! Summer also want to keep the beauty of the watery skin Oh.

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