Build a winter skin barrier by tackling the top three skin symptoms

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Did you have any skin problems with the sudden cooling in the past few days? Although the weather is warmer these two days, but the pace of cold air is not stopped, a new round of cold air is coming, your skin is ready for a new? Face the 3 big symptom that skin appears, how should help him build resist cold wind barrier?


During the cold period, stick to the skin barrier!


Inside the skin in winter, all kinds of unimaginable conditions occur. The skin with low defense ability has many problems. At this time, it is necessary to stick to the skin barrier in order to avoid infestation under the threat of various skin problems in winter.




There are two important parts of the skin barrier: the natural factors that hold moisture in the skin’s stratum corneum, which maintains skin moisture, and the brick-like structure of the intercellular lipid layer. The intercellular matrix is made up of ceramides, fatty acids, squalane, and other components that protect the skin and prevent water from evaporating. Double and skin protection, the most indispensable ceramides account for 40-50%. The intercellular matrix is like a brick coated with cement, connecting the skin and preventing moisture loss, like plastic sheeting on a greenhouse.




Cold slows blood circulation and metabolism, which slows skin regeneration. As a result, the protective function of the skin decreases and the protective barrier collapses. Weakened skin cannot resist external irritants, and penetration becomes arbitrary, even triggering an allergic response from the immune system. They secrete too much histamine, which causes abnormal reactions in nerve cells, redness, and inflammation.


A caring way to rebuild your skin barrier


Skin problems caused by cold weather can be roughly divided into three types, but when serious, even concurrent symptoms will occur. The following countermeasures are proposed for skin symptoms, which may be referred to and strictly followed to rebuild the skin barrier.


Symptom 1: skin cutin


The cuticle of the skin surface falls off and turns up, lost the skin with protective film and low resistance, and in order to deal with external stimulation, the cuticle gradually thickens. Normal skin regeneration cycle is 28 days, horny generation is excessive, regeneration cycle balance is broken, skin hair white skin, become rough.


Examination: the cutin turned white and turned up; Horniness sloughed off like scales; Float does not stick


Countermeasures: restore the skin barrier function of repair care


Repair the skin barrier with products that contain collagen, ceramides and other skin-like ingredients. The stratum corneum is like the coat that wraps around the skin. If it is too thick, it can also interfere with the skin, but if it is too thin, it can cause skin sensitivity. General cream effect is insufficient, to the skin to supplement hyaluronic acid, ceramide, collagen, cultivate immunity, rebuild protective barrier.


skin care


Step 1: Soften your skin and get ready


Skin stiffness, coated with a good product, it is difficult to penetrate. First, apply a lotion with good skin affinity to make the skin soft and help improve permeability.


Step 2: Create a sturdy barrier with recycled cream


Help repair with a regenerated cream that rebuilds the sebum membrane. A regenerated cream that contains ceramides and lipids has excellent results. If the skin is still cutin, add a small amount of oil to the cream and mix. In the final phase of the application, gently press the skin to promote absorption.


Step 3: Create an airtight grease protective film


The use of rolling oil products can make local care easy, but also can be used on the artificial sebum film at any time.


Symptom 2: red, swollen and itchy skin


The barrier function that protects the skin is broken, and the skin cracks everywhere, with irritating substances entering between the cracks. Nerve fibers sense this state, arousing an allergic reaction to red, itchy skin. Dilation of blood vessels, redness of the skin, and an abnormal reaction of neurotransmitters can also lead to itching, which is an allergic condition that can also produce pain and itching from wind.


Examination: redness of cheeks; Under slight irritation, the skin is also itchy; The skin hurts when cosmetics are applied


Countermeasures: relieve the swelling inflammation of sedation nursing


To suppress inflammation, the most urgent thing is sedation care. Try to avoid going back and forth between cold outdoor and warm indoor excitant state, after exposure to the stimulus, immediately sedation care.


Step 1: Spray an inflammation-suppressing spray


Spray all over your face with a hot spring water spray that has anti-inflammatory effects until the inflamed skin is completely calm.


Step 2: Aloe gel gives soothing effect


Slather aloe gel on your face like that to calm sensitive skin and hydrate it.


Step 3: sensitive skin special cream, cover with protective film


Select special cream for sensitive skin to calm skin and protect sebum membrane. Cover with a protective film to prevent evaporation of water.


Symptom 3: the corner of the eye or mouth split


The skin around the corners of the eyes or corners of the mouth is thinner and has less protective sebum membrane. Because it is the most active part, the skin scalability is good, sebum membrane is insufficient, easy to form wrinkles and furrows, cracking and even bleeding. In addition, the thickened cuticle coalescence, chapped, become like a hard heel, no matter what is not permeable.


Examination: cracked skin; The skin at the corners of the mouth cracks and even bleeds; Lip bubbling edema


Countermeasures: emergency care to save cracked sebum membrane


Let the thickened cuticle become soft first, smear the cream rich in lipid composition, and stick to the cracked part. Take care with an antiseptic containing steroids or a cream that repairs sebum membranes.


Step 1: of abundant make up water complement moisture


Apply a rich toner until your skin is fully hydrated. The proposal makes up water to pour on the hand, gently push massaging ground daub.


Step 2: Apply eye cream or lip balm


Especially easy to dry corners of the eyes and corners of the mouth, to use a special product to care, every morning and evening after applying toner, and carry, feel dry, take out at any time to apply, to prevent the skin continues to chapped.


Step 3: Repair skin with regeneration cream


Apply a cream containing the regenerated ingredients to the cracked area of the skin, as if it were a ointment, and cover with plastic wrap. In severe cases, consult the dermatologist for prescription ointments containing steroids. Cream is applied to the last stage of skin care, and ointment is applied to clean, uncoated skin.

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