Bulgari brings classic Disney co-branded watches back to the premium watch market

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Familiar with the GERALD GENTA Mickey Mouse watch at its best, Bulgari is bringing back the classic Disney co-branded watch to the premium watch market.


Geneva Watch Days 2021 is in full swing, which is another watch industry event since Watches & Wonders in April, of course, compared to the number of brands in W&W, as well as the dual-track system of online and offline activities, Geneva Watch Days has not received so much attention and scale, but the conference is still But the conference still invited more than 20 brands to join the event, among which BVLGARI Bulgari belongs to the most prestigious giant brands among the exhibitors, and they also lived up to the expectations of the public to bring Octo Roma, Divas’ Dream and GERALD GENTA and other three series of rich works, including GERALD GENTA to bring back its 1990s masterpiece Mickey Mouse retrograde watch, let many watch fans eyes.


Before GERALD GENTA was merged into Bulgari, it launched the Retro Fantasy collection in the 1990s, inspired by Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy Dog, the signature characters of Disney cartoons, which was a bit unexpected at the time that fine watchmaking would be linked with cartoon characters.


Disney co-branded watches


The GERALD GENTA cartoon character series retrograde watch, which was a collector’s favorite in the 1990s, was reproduced in the 2021s, and Bulgari launched a GERALD GENTA Arena watch with a Mickey motif, reminding people of the classic masterpiece.


Bulgari in recent years in the planning of GERALD GENTA series direction seems to have slowly produced some transformation, GG since 2000 by Bulgari into the banner, at first also retain the brand in the brand such planning, and then to the 2010s after Bulgari gradually GERALD GENTA brand color fade, until 2019 in order to celebrate the GERALD GERALD GENTA was launched in 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the GERALD GENTA, on the commemorative watch launched at that time to reproduce the face plate only put on the GG Logo works, later all the way through the 2020 Gerald Genta Arena titanium watch to this Gerald Genta Arena Mickey retrograde watch, also maintain the form of GERALD GENTA independent logo, for retrieving The old one represents the memories of the fans or to arouse the interest of the new one to the brand GG are helpful.


The face plate is printed with the design of smiling Mickey, while its left arm adopts a movable design, which has the function of indicating the retrograde minutes and looks dynamic and interesting.


The new Gerald Genta Arena Mickey retrograde watch is made of stainless steel with a 41mm case, and the appearance of the watch largely follows the design of the 2019-2020 GG retrograde watch, except that Bulgari has replaced the watch with a red woven rubber strap, which is more dynamic and energetic than the belts that came with the previous two years’ work.The watch has a ball-shaped special box, and the color of the inside of the box just echoes the dress on Mickey’s body.


The dial is naturally decorated with a pattern of the GERALD GENTA Arena Mickey retrograde watch, and the top edge of the dial is decorated with the 0-60 minute scale, and the center axis of the dial is decorated with a retrograde hand in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s arm.


The transparent caseback reveals the BVL262 automatic movement, whose rotor design contains modern elements of the brand, and the overall visual impression of the caseback is more distinctly different from that of the old watch.


The Gerald Genta Arena Mickey retrograde watch pattern has appeared in the past, but this time the retrograde minute scale and the position of the jumping window are different from those of the past works. This time, the position of the retrograde minute scale and the jumping window are different from those of the previous models, and the decorative work on the dial has also been adjusted and evolved, incorporating modern elements into the vintage design, giving a sense of the daring creativity of master watchmaker Gerald Genta that has stood the test of time.

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