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Imelessness will forever epitomize Bulgari. Season after season, the Italian house effortlessly reinvents their classic styles to curate a fresh take on established design. For Spring/Summer 2022, an ode to Rome is artfully captured at the heart of their new leather goods and accessories collection, Amoroma.


Just as the title reveals, Bulgari’s endless love for their 19th century roots of the “caput mundi” has transpired into the 21st. Debuting a fresh motif, upgraded Serpenti look, and iridescent pastels at the ADI Design Museum during Milan Fashion Week, Bulgari’s multi-dimensional release has us already dreaming of a return to summer. But what does it have to do with Rome?




2,000 years may not be infinity, but the Eternal City’s monuments are no short-term installation. Bulgari drew influence from Rome’s most established landmarks to concoct their latest “Infinitum” pattern, an obelisk-mirroring logo with 3D finishing.




Aura is everything. In Rome, early mornings are chronicled by glittering marble and the glow of a rising sun. For the “Radiance” spirit of Bulgari’s new handbags, their design team captured Rome’s luminescence through subtle tweaks on beloved pieces. A new Serpenti Bag hobo shape, laser-cutting to mimic gleaming rays, and a shimmering jewelry box (p.s. it has a secret compartment on the bottom).






A sun with Serpenti in the center. What more could we ask for? Continuing the theme of Rome’s radiance, Bulgari goes straight to the source with a “Sunshine” mood. Quilted bags featuring stitched beams perfectly compliment their laser-cut counterparts, all alongside a bright array of sunset hues.My Best Advice is Put Down the Bottle (of Perfume)


Dear Perfume and Cologne Wearing People: I have some really good advice for you. Put down the bottle. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear your favorite scent, I’m only suggesting that maybe you should wear less of it. You don’t actually need as much as you think. They say you become so used to the scent of your own perfume, that you almost become immune to the smell. They may be right.


I remember back in the day when my dad would put on his cologne in the morning. I feel like he always added an extra splash, and it was just too much. I’ve always adored my dad, but one less splash of cologne would have made him even more huggable. I’ve seen woman in rest rooms dousing themselves. And then adding just one more spritz. Just in case the people on the other side of the room can’t smell them, I guess.


Some of us are very sensitive to the smell of perfume and cologne. Think about where you’ll be before you spritz. In a closed venue at a concert? In a car with other people? At a restaurant? Your perfume or cologne can really ruin someone else’s experience in any of those situations. Believe me, I’ve been there.


I know you want to smell good, but soap and water works wonders. And sometimes you can skip the perfume or cologne altogether and I’m pretty sure nobody will think less of you. In fact, I can think of at least one person who would think more of you. Me. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you, not smelling you.

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