Can body milk besmear face

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Body lotion should not be applied to the face. Facial ministry skin is more delicate and sensitive than the skin of the body, apply to the emulsion of the body, it is not suitable for facial ministry skin naturally, know face cream and eye cream also have distinction like us. Although the body milk has the effect of moisturizing and nourishing, but in fact it is generally an oily component, directly wiping the face will lead to excessive skin oil, especially oily skin, on the face wiping the body milk is prone to acne.


As you can see, there are many kinds of skin care products on the market, almost from head to foot, there are specific products, such as mask, hand mask, foot mask, eye cream, face cream, hand cream, are special, so the body milk is the same, it is for the body skin, rather than facial skin.


body milk


Facial skin corneous layer is relatively thin, different skin care products not only have different effects, their raw materials and production process are different, the face of the skin is more sensitive, plus the face is exposed, the need for care and nutrition are different, body milk can not meet the needs of facial skin care.


The water that general facial uses, milk, frost, can correspond to different skin according to its composition is qualitative, have the clear product that applies to oily skin, also have the hydrating product that applies to dry skin, still have the water oil balance that suits mixed skin kind of product.


But the effect of body lotion classification is simple, generally is a hydrating and whitening and moisturizing, usually are fat, this is because the body lotion is typically used after a bath in the evening, when the pores of the skin after hot water to rinse, completely open, also due to bathe the skin lose a lot of water, their bodies such thick product, wipe in the body will not feel greasy, Still can let skin moist and comfortable, add one night absorption, also won’t have residual oil.


And directly smear the body cream on the face, it will cause absorption, the face skin is blocked by oil pores, will only make the skin worse and worse.

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