Can cosmetics still be used after expiration? Teach you to turn waste into treasure

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Many girls will also have the habit of hoarding goods. Some cosmetics can’t be used up within the shelf life and feel it’s a pity to throw them away, but we don’t know whether expired cosmetics can continue to be used. Today, let’s find out whether cosmetics can be used after expiration.


1,Can cosmetics still be used after expiration


In order to avoid skin problems caused by the use of expired cosmetics, it is generally not recommended to continue to use. However, if the cosmetics expire soon and the color, appearance and smell have not changed, they can continue to be used, but the effect of cosmetics can not be guaranteed to be as good as before.


No matter whether the cosmetics are expired or not, as long as the color, appearance and smell of the cosmetics change, they should be stopped immediately. Because it is easy to cause discomfort symptoms such as allergy.


If unopened cosmetics have passed the shelf life, they can still be used after opening. Because unopened cosmetics are not disturbed and polluted by the outside air and bacteria, nor breed harmful bacteria, they will not have a bad impact on the user’s skin.


However, unopened cosmetics should be used up within 150 days after the shelf life. However, if the product changes during use, it should be stopped immediately. Sensitive muscles should not use expired facial cosmetics.


2,Expired cosmetics turn waste into treasure


(1) flour cake


If the powder is out of date, use the powder to pound it, wrap it in paper towels and silk stockings to prevent it from spilling out, put it into the jewelry box or shoes, and keep the jewelry shining.


(2) Make up water


Nourishing leather goods, you can use expired nourishing lotion to maintain leather goods, pour it on the cotton pad, wipe the leather sofa, leather wallet and other leather goods! It can play the role of maintaining leather goods and removing stains! Refreshing make-up water can replace the cleaning fluid of mobile phones, computers and keyboards, wipe away the dirt on the screen surface, and can also be used to wipe the make-up mirror.




(3) Facial Cleanser


The expired facial cleanser is squeezed on the high-heeled shoes to remove the stains on the shoes. Canvas shoes, first put the shoes into the water, and then use the brush to wash the face to brush the shoes, you can easily brush the bright white! Squeeze the facial cleanser on the make-up tool and rinse it. Dip an appropriate amount of facial cleanser with a toothbrush to brush the collar, or turn the yellowing collar white.


(4) emulsion


Use the remover cotton to take a certain amount of emulsion, gently wipe the wallet, maintain leather goods, take appropriate amount of lotion to wipe the hair ends, and keep the shine of the hair. Apply the right amount of emulsion to your fingernails and wrap it with a cotton pad for 15 minutes. You can effectively remove the barbs on your fingers, or smear some lotion on the besmirch wall. You will find that the stain will not be so obvious.


(5) Nail washing water


When the label paper is opened, there will be some paper marks that can not be wiped off. You can pour nail remover, gently wipe the paper marks, and then wipe them off with a clean towel. Whether there is oil on the table or drawn by a marker pen, you can remove them by dipping an appropriate amount of nail washing water with a cotton pad.


(6) Mascara


Rinse the mascara brush and wipe the small gap in the room with it. It is very convenient for dead ends. If you don’t use mascara for a long time, drop a drop of eye drops at this time, then spin in and out several times, then you can continue to use it.


(7) perfume


Spray it evenly on the cotton pad, put it in the corner of the room or in the wardrobe, it will have a faint fragrance! After expired perfume and alcohol solution mix in 7:3 ratio, insert clean stick, can make aromatherapy.


(8) eye shadow


Put the overdue Eyeshadow into the empty bottle with a spoon, pour it into the transparent nail polish, and become a super nail polish.


(9) Lipstick


Apply expired lipstick evenly on the paper towel, wipe the oxidized and blackened jewelry evenly, and then wipe the jewelry with a clean paper towel, and the silver jewelry will return to its glittering time.

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