Can facial cream carry on the airplane? Can face cream be checked?

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Facial cream is the most important step in basic skin care. If there is no facial cream , even if we use cleansing milk, make-up water, eye cream and essence, it will not have much effect on skin care. The reason is that the ingredients of the facial cream can lock these nutrients for the skin and moisturize the skin.


So for those who need skin care every day, whether they are traveling or traveling, they should take a series of skin care products such as facial cream. We know that there are many restrictions on the luggage carried by plane, so do not know if the facial cream can be carried on the plane? Can face cream be checked? Let’s get to know!


Can facial cream be brought onto the plane? There are strict restrictions on cosmetics carried by aircraft, and the specific requirements are as follows:


1,Each bottle of cosmetics shall not exceed 100ml. 100ml here refers to the bottle body of cosmetics packaging, not the cosmetics itself;


2,each type of cosmetics can only carry one, such as make-up water, lotion, cleansing milk and other types can only bring one.


3,All cosmetics carried should be packed in 1000ml transparent bags with zippers.


Can facial cream carry on the airplane


Generally, transparent bags are prepared in advance. If you forget to buy or have no time to buy, you can go to the airport vending machine, airport service desk or airport store to ask whether there are transparent bags for sale.


According to the above requirements, the facial cream that is within 100ml of the package is able to carry the aircraft on board.


In addition, a class of inflammable articles such as nail polish is prohibited from carrying and consigning when flying. Liquid soap, toothpaste, shampoo and large capacity spray can not be carried on board. It is recommended to check or purchase locally.


Can face cream be checked?


Compared with taking cosmetics with you by plane, it is relatively easy and without too many restrictions to check cosmetics. As long as the checked baggage does not exceed the specified baggage share, the cosmetics carried can be checked in.


If you carry more than 100ml of the facial cream , you can go through the consignment and send it to your destination. However, you should better pack your cosmetics carefully before handling the consignment, so as to avoid the situation during the consignment process.


Generally, the share of free checked baggage is 40kg in first class, 30kg in business class and 20kg in economy class. Passengers with baby tickets have no share of free baggage; The volume of luggage is limited to 100 cm * 60 cm * 40 cm.

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