Chanel two color boots a shoe two wear, Onizuka Tiger sports version of the crystal shoes for the princess on the run is the day beautiful things

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Chanel diamond pattern two color boots two shoes in one


Perhaps you are still stumped about what kind of shoes you should prepare for the upcoming fall and winter season? Is it low heeled boots or tall warm boots? The dual-purpose boots in Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection may be able to solve your dilemma.


Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection is inspired by skiing, and the surface of this show’s high frequency of exit diamond check two-wear boots is made of smooth leather with a classic diamond check pattern, which is quite a bit of ski wear and cleverly integrated into the sense of movement. The shoes also use Chanel’s classic two-color shoe color scheme, simple atmosphere and highlight the brand’s characteristics.


What is particularly noteworthy is that the boots can also be separated from the tall through the zipper, so you can freely switch between the modern and warm tall boots and the simple and dry short boots, allowing you to have two types of footwear at once. The detachable tall design also adapts well to the changing seasons, so one pair of shoes is enough to handle the cool autumn and cold winter. The shoes are available in four colorways: black, white, rice and pink, and will soon be available on the official website, so keep an eye on them if you are interested.


Chanel boots


Louis Vuitton Vivienne Jewelry Collection Limited Edition Pendant


Since its introduction in 2018, Louis Vuitton’s brand mascot Vivienne has been on many stages such as pendants, watches, handbags and ornaments. This time, this cute and iconic doll has made the leap into Louis Vuitton’s jewelry collection.


This time, Louis Vuitton presents 11 pieces of Vivienne jewelry pendants in different shapes and sizes with the theme of travelling around the world. Louis Vuitton also used the iconic trunk to build a mini stage for these cute mascots. Like the classic trunk, the jewelry box has drawers, trays and mirrors, also quite collectible.


Vivienne travels around the world in a variety of playful and sophisticated shapes. Vivienne Panda arrives in China with a super cute national panda appearance, Vivienne Samurai arrives in Japan as a samurai with a samurai sword, Vivienne Royal arrives in France with a noble and elegant French crown, and Vivienne Surfer arrives with a surfboard ready to start a happy ride.


Louis Vuitton also launched a Vivienne Celebration to celebrate the 200th birthday of Gaston-Louis Vuitton. The pendant is made of white and yellow gold set with 36 colored stones and 124 diamonds.


Onitsuka Tiger creates the “Cinderella” crystal shoes sports version


The fairy tale “Cinderella” should be one of the unforgettable memories of many girls’ childhood, and probably many of them have fantasized about having a pair of the same dreamy crystal shoes. However, to become a princess at large, have you ever worried that the high-heeled style of crystal shoes will trip you up? Recently, Japanese sneaker brand Onitsuka Tiger has collaborated with Amazon Prime Video to bring a sporty version of the “Cinderella” crystal shoes, both dreamy and practical.


The sneakers were designed to celebrate the premiere of the movie “Cinderella” and were inspired by the “Cinderella” crystal shoes. The shoe is based on the P-Trainer PRZM model, and the prismatic color of the upper creates a mirror effect with the white sole, making the whole shiny and fresh, like crystals. This “crystal shoe” combines vintage and modern, bringing a unique and modern interpretation of “Cinderella”.


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