CHANEL wandering bag collection to come! CHANEL is always synonymous with fashion and elegance

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CHANEL Wandering bag


The official name Gabrielle, which is the real name of Ms. Chanel.This bag can be said to be one of the classic bags of the CHANEL family. As long as the old fan of CHANEL, no one does not know this bag.


CHANEL Wandering bag


Why is it so famous?This bag was designed by Karl Lagerfeld as a tribute to Coco Chanel.The bag was inspired by the telescope cases used by European gentlemen on horseback.The bag is very unisex in appearance, it boldly uses the inverted trapezoid shape, giving people a casual feeling, so many male celebrities once loved it.


The wandering bag follows the tradition of CHANEL bags, with numerous colors and countless others.Each color has its own uniqueness. Compared to the classic CHANEL 2.55, the wandering bag can be said to add a few “vitality” in it!


The reason why the wandering bag can be a big hit, in addition to the value of the bag itself, practicality is also one of the selling points. The small size of the wandering bag to meet daily needs, is no problem ️. The large size of the bag to put some pots and pans to wander is also easy to achieve


The material of the wandering bag is also very diverse, such as the classic calfskin, lambskin, soft tweed fabric models, denim models, etc.Like calfskin, lambskin such leather models, are all seasons can carry the classic work, and soft tweed fabric models, there is more seasonal flavor.


When the leaves fall in late autumn, choose a more seasonal characteristics of the wandering bag, with a turtleneck sweater, knight boots, I believe that the spontaneous natural sense of spontaneity, it is impossible to hide!


It is said that a girl’s youth is limited, although we can not stop the flow of time, but we can choose to grow old gracefully in time, like Ms. Chanel, a lifetime of elegance, generous.

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