Common 6 kinds of home fragrance, which one do you prefer?

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Monotonous and repetitive life always makes people see no hope, inexpensive but slightly elegant aromatherapy, seems to be able to comfort every ordinary and fatigued person’s soul at this time. Or, people always need to have a hobby. In contrast, the lower threshold of home fragrance, always give people unexpected surprises.


I do not know much about aromatherapy, only in the stage of “good smell”. For those beautifully packaged products, I have never had the idea of “can not open”. Unpacked on the unpacked, so that the room fragrance on a few days, feel that the money spent is also quite meaningful.


There are only six kinds of fragrances on the market in general, but I have used them all. Under the use of each kind of aromatherapy products have some views. They are listed below, and I hope that friends who also like aromatherapy can communicate widely.


Fragrance diffusers


Larger called diffusers, smaller directly called aromatherapy machine. It is very similar to the principle of humidifiers, is the use of ultrasonic atomization of liquid essential oils, and then blow the water mist into the room.


The only advantage of this thing is that the fragrance spread quickly, open for ten minutes, the whole room can become fragrant. The disadvantage is that there is no sense of ritual, simply to make the room smell good. In comparison, I think this is the most unsuitable for home use of aromatherapy products. It is common in hotels and can even be seen in some bathrooms.


home fragrance


Aromatherapy Candles


Candles, wax oil is added to the fragrance inside. During the burning process, the fragrance is heated and evaporated, making the whole room fragrant. I like to play with this candle, seems to be able to find a little childhood fun playing with fire.


But the aroma candle is also the worst feeling of using a product, when staring at the eyes, do not stare at the time feel very hot. Every time before going out to think carefully several times – I blew out the candle?




There is a sense of ritual than scented candles, but one of my most hated products. Incense produces a lot of soot during the process of lighting. These ashes can not fall completely in the incense burner, so each time you use it, you have to clean it up little by little.


In addition, incense does smell good in the room after it is lit. But on the one hand, this fragrance stays for a very short time, one or two hours later there is no smell at all. On the other hand, incense in the burning process will always have smoke, even if it is smokeless incense, after using the room PM2.5 and PM10 index will also explode.


Aromatherapy crystals


In fact, also belongs to the expansion of incense products, but do not need to use electricity. Here the crystal stone, is a natural mineral. This stone’s ability to absorb water is relatively strong, you can suck in the liquid essential oil. Then slowly evaporate, to achieve the purpose of aromatherapy.


Look at the principle also know that the aromatherapy crystals are relatively weak ability to expand the fragrance. One is slow, the second is a small range. But the value of these translucent crystals is still very high, placed on the desk as a decoration is also very good.


Flowers and plants


Use flowers as aromatherapy, from the appearance of this thing feels very natural. Flowers are divided into dried flowers and flowers.


Flowers I have used, the effect is general. It may also be because of my own handicap, the flowers I bought wilted in three or four days at most. As for the fragrance, unless you put your nose to the flowers, you can’t really smell it.


The fragrance of dried flowers is much greater, a bag of dried flowers can make the room fragrant for more than 20 days. But why would you think so after the flowers are dried? To say that there is no no essential oil soaked, I certainly do not believe it.


Air freshener / perfume


Air fresheners can be roughly divided into two categories: one is a class of masking products, which can cover the original smell of the room, so that the room becomes fragrant. The other category is the decomposition category, which decomposes the original smell in the room and then adds a light fragrance.


In comparison, the latter must be better, not only can make the room deformed, but also can purify the air. The air freshener of the masking category is much criticized, and many people say it will cause secondary pollution to the indoor air.


Essential oils


Finally, a word about the essential oils mentioned repeatedly above: essential oils contain the essence of fragrance, some are concentrated, such as aromatherapy crystals added inside, is the concentrated essential oil. Some are also diluted, such as the diffuser inside the added, is blended with water essential oil.


Of course, more, is the manufacturer according to their own needs, the deployment of the corresponding concentration of essential oils. For example, the essential oil inside the aromatherapy candle.


Essential oils are divided into natural essential oils and synthetic essential oils, natural essential oils are very expensive. Synthetic essential oils are much cheaper, and the price is only one tenth of natural essential oils. Synthetic oils are also harmless to humans, but they are much worse in taste. Anyone with a little experience will be able to identify the cheapness in the taste of synthetic essential oils.


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