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The love of beauty is the nature of girls, every girl should learn the basic makeup skills, the premise of mastering makeup skills is to understand the steps of makeup. Correct makeup steps:


1,Basic skin care


Before making up, it is necessary to carry out basic skin care, first cleansing, toner, lotion, and sunscreen (sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen spray can be). After besmear bask in, should wait 3 minutes above to make up again, lest appear rub mud phenomenon!


First wash your face to warm water, do not recommend to wash your face with cold water, facial cleanser to choose their own skin, do not listen to others say that is good this is good, pay attention to suit yourself, try to choose a mild point, if the face is tight after washing, do not use, to hydrating, apply hydrating mask.


Next is a lotion, if you have oily mixed skin, choose a non-greasy lotion, preferably a moisturizing lotion, so that the water and oil balance, so that the skin is improved, so that the shine is not very unattractive.


Wipe water and milk still have segregation is to give skin a protective film, must wipe water and milk yo. There are many kinds of isolation, yellow skin with the best purple isolation, if there is acne on the face, red with the best green isolation. Before applying sunscreen, it is also recommended to wipe the quarantine to protect the skin.


2,Front breast


The first step of makeup is to daub makeup before milk, makeup before milk belongs to a kind of white makeup. It basically is to modify skin colour and lustre uneven, dark dull shortcoming, local use can make what skin decorates is perfect immaculate, present the natural burnish skin that gives glittering and translucent and bright is qualitative. Ladies on makeup before use, usually white liquid, also have transparent liquid, milky white liquid for many.


The amount of milk before makeup can’t be overmuch, a soybean grain is enough generally, add two cheeks in the upper middle, point on five points, transverse pat open or daub open.


makeup steps


3,powdery bottom


Foundation can be divided into liquid foundation, powder cream, foundation cream, BB cream, etc. Choose foundation to choose suitable according to their own skin quality, foundation fluid can only be used by the skin with slight flaws, oily skin can not use powder cream. When daub foundation, use the United States as far as possible makeup egg, sponge powder puff, makeup brush to wait for makeup product, should compare with the foundation on the hand more smooth. Need at any time makeup can choose air cushion foundation.


After besmear foundation, must not forget to wipe the neck also, chromatic difference too assembly lets makeup look whole very drop price.


4, block defect


If the foundation can’t cover the freckles completely, apply a yellowish concealer on top of the freckles and apply it evenly with an air cushion puff, so you can ensure that you don’t see any freckles on your face.


The choice of concealer depends on your skin type, and the effect varies depending on the color. For example, green concealer can balance the redness of acne. Concealer can also be divided into many varieties, concealer liquid, concealer cream, concealer stick and so on. It is best to choose a slightly darker color than your own skin color to make your makeup look more natural.


Be careful how you apply concealer,


1, the technique should not be too heavy, to avoid destroying the base makeup or dry lines;


2, paste concealer is relatively dry, if you are dry skin, you can cover the concealer face after spraying a layer of spray and then push away;


3, remember not to rub back and forth on the face, the best way to dot the makeup.


4,Facial makeup — trim


Contouring includes three parts: highlight, shadow and blush. These three have no fixed steps, can choose according to their own preferences. Repair the product has paste, liquid, powder, novice with powder better control! Apply the product to: both sides of nose bridge, both sides of cheeks, hairline, etc. Apply the highlight product on the bridge of nose, middle, cheekbone, forehead and other positions.


5, thrush


First use an eyebrow pencil or powder to outline the basic outline of the eyebrows, then use the pencil or powder to fill in the color, and finally use an eyebrow comb to comb the eyebrows to even out the color. Girls who have dyed their hair, remember to dye their eyebrows with an eyebrow dye cream close to the hair color. If you are worried about eyebrow makeup removal, you can brush a layer of eyebrow raincoat after the eyebrow.


6,Eye care


Eye care includes eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. First apply eye shadow, which should be applied from light to dark. What eye shadow pays attention to is gradual change beauty, must not besmear! Once you’ve done your eyeshadow, apply your eyeliner! Apply eyeliner according to your eye shape and makeup style, with a glue eyeliner pen for beginners.


If you want more stereoscopic eyes, it is recommended to apply eye shadow first and then apply eyeliner; If you want a natural look, apply eyeliner first and then eye shadow. Brush mascara to want to use eyelash curler first, curl eyelash curler to finalize the design!


7,Blush and lip balm


The color with red cheek and lip color as far as possible perhaps eye makeup color is close to, cheek is red have plaster-like, powdery, liquid state. Before applying lip balm, apply a hot towel to your lips to soften the dead skin. After the application, gently rub the lips to let the dead skin off, not too hard, so as not to break the lips; Then apply the lipstick along the contours of your lips; If the moisturizing degree is not enough, you can apply the lip balm twice.


Lip balm belongs to the lip to protect skin to taste, contains vaseline, vitamins and antioxidants and other ingredients, moisturizing, moisturizing, the effect of water tender lips, backing with lip balm before lipstick, also can effectively prevent pigment infiltration in lipstick lip lines, thereby reducing the lead contact with the skin, thus embellish lip base is very necessary. If our lips are too dry, the lipstick will also have some dry and cracked lines, which will affect our overall beauty, so we must first apply a layer of lip balm when applying lipstick.


8, lipstick


Mouth red number will choose according to his skin color, the lipstick of different color number, the effect that besmear comes out is different. Before applying lipstick, use a concealer to base your lips. This will make your lipstick color better! Choose thick besmear or thin besmear according to oneself be fond of, draw the outline of the lip with lip line pen, can make the lip more stereo, delicate.

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