Correct use order of skin care products!

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The variety of skin care products is dazzling. Many people only know how to use skin care products, but do not know the correct use steps of skin care products. The correctness of the use sequence of skin care products will help the skin absorb the nutrition in skin care products, otherwise it will be a waste to use more skin care products. The following is to share the correct use order of skin care products for your reference.


1,Cleanser / Cleanser


Cleaning the skin is the first step of skin care. If the skin is not cleaned thoroughly, the cleanliness of the skin will also affect the absorption of nutrients in skin care products. Moreover, incomplete skin cleaning and the residue of impurities and dirt will also cause the pores to become thicker and larger.


Correct face washing steps:


First wet the face with clean water, then take an appropriate amount of cleanser, rub it in the palm, bubble it, massage it in circles, and then wash it with clean water. Then gently dry the water with a towel.




Toner belongs to the category of make-up water, which can play the role of secondary cleaning and shrinking pores. Even so, make-up water can not replace moisturizer. The main function of make-up water is to adjust the skin, not moisturize, so make-up water should be used after cleaning the skin.


3,Muscle base fluid


The function of muscle base fluid is to promote the absorption of follow-up products. It should be used after the make-up water, before the cream / cream. The nutrients in the muscle base fluid can activate cells, repair cells, increase cell vitality and defense ability. The components in the muscle base fluid generally contain hydrophilic and lipophilic components, which can disintegrate the water and oil in skin care products at the same time and promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin. It can also soften and moisturize cutin. This will enable the skin to better absorb nutrients.


Muscle base fluid is not suitable for anyone’s skin. If your skin is in good condition and absorbs well, there is no need to use muscle base fluid. If the skin has poor foundation and weak ability to absorb nutrients, this step is required. If your skin is relatively sensitive and can not absorb well cream and cream, you need to use muscle base fluid to improve it.


4,Eye cream


The use of eye cream is not very strict, because it is painted around the eyes. The skin care products such as general lotion and cream are to avoid eye opening, so it is best not to overlap with eye cream.


 use order of skin care products


5, essence


The effective ingredients in the essence are relatively high, and belong to a special skin care product with strong care. Can play a more obvious skin care effect.


The molecules in the essence are relatively small and should be used before emulsion and cream, otherwise they can not be absorbed by the skin well. The essence should be used according to the principle of anti aging – whitening – moisturizing.


6,Lotion or cream.


After using the essence, you can use lotion or cream. If you are oily skin, you’d better use lotion. If it belongs to dry skin, use cream.




Sunscreen must be used, and skin protection must be done. Whether traveling or facing electronic products. Sunscreen can effectively resist external stimulation and damage to skin.


Choose sunscreen products in winter, generally choose sunscreen products below SPF30. If the index of sunscreen products is too high in daily sunscreen, it will also reduce the permeability of the skin, easily cause pore blockage, and then acne and acne.


Other use order


Basic skin care


Cleanser – Toner – Moisturizer


Be sure to clean your face before making up. If there are blackheads, you should remove them first, so that you can stick makeup more. After cleaning your face, choose a toner and moisturizer suitable for you.


Basic foundation


Pre makeup cream – isolation cream


At the foundation stage, it is recommended that you choose a thick pre makeup milk called moisturizing. No matter what kind of skin you belong to, you should do so.


After putting on makeup, be sure to put on the isolation cream, which can effectively prevent the chemicals in cosmetics from damaging your skin. A colored pre makeup milk or isolation cream can reconcile the color of skin color and make your makeup look with color.




Foundation solution powder — powder or honey powder


The main function of the foundation fluid is to reconcile the skin tone. First use the liquid foundation and then use the powder to make it look heavy. The use of the powder does not require the whole face to be painted. It only needs to be used when it is needed to reconcile the skin tone. After finishing the foundation liquid and powder, it can use honey powder or powder powder to fix the makeup.




Eye shadow – Eyeliner – eyelash


Eye makeup, eye first need eye shadow, and then gently painted eyeliner, eye makeup is done.


The last step is eyelashes. First clip with eyelash clips, eyelashes will look more beautiful, mascara is more effective.


Gloss, shadow, thrush, blush, lipstick


The treatment of high light and eye shadow is T and U, then blush, blush from the temple to the direction of Apple muscle, the order must be right, otherwise the effect will be affected.


Choose the appropriate eyebrow powder for your eyebrows. Those with thick eyebrows and big eyes don’t need to draw eyebrows, or use brown eyebrow powder to reconcile them.


Lip makeup is actually the easiest way to start with lip gloss, then lip liner, then lip gloss. Such a complete facial makeup is completed. Natural and beautiful, refreshing and lovely!

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