Daily basic skin care | daily basic skin care steps for girls

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Many girls will have questions. What will they do next after waking up and cleaning their skin every day? What are the correct steps for daily skin care? Is the wrong skin care process counterproductive? Now, come and learn how to skin care correctly!


For skin care, we must first recognize our own skin types, so as to achieve better results. There are many types of skin, of which the extreme two are dry type and oil type. A few people are extreme types, and most people are mixed types, that is, the face is dry, and the area around the nose and forehead called T area will be oily. A small number of people are sensitive, that is, their skin is thin, red blood can be seen, and they are prone to allergic skin. After running, the whole face will become red and hot.


Facial Cleanser


After recognizing your skin type, you should choose your own products. Fresh cleanser can be selected for mixed skin, and mild cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin. Usage: take appropriate amount of palm in the palm, add proper warm water, clean foam in the palm of your hand, massage the face, chin and forehead from the bottom up in a round way. Generally, do not rinse the water for more than a minute.




The skin aged 16-20 only needs to replenish water. Replenishing nutrition and anti wrinkle are the future. Therefore, it is recommended to choose moisturizing products for all products used. The usage of toner is to gently pat it on the face after washing the face until it is absorbed. Once in the morning and once in the evening.


Daily basic skin care


Essence + Eye Cream


After taking the water, the next step is to apply eye cream. Young girls can choose eye cream to replenish water and moisturize. The skin around the eyes is the most tender in the whole face. Don’t apply anything except eye cream, otherwise it will produce fat particles or allergies. The technique of applying eye cream is very important. If you are not careful, it is easy to apply wrinkles artificially.


Gently point the eye cream on the lower eyelid skin with the abdomen of the clean ring finger, and pay attention to the gentle gesture. Generally, it is OK to gently point it more than ten times until it is absorbed, and then gently apply the remaining eye cream to the upper eyelid according to the eye pattern. Next is the essence, essence is to strengthen skin care products absorbed by the skin, is a necessary foundation skin care products, sooner or later each time.


Isolating milk, BB Cream


Finally, isolation milk is a line of defense to protect the skin from radiation. Don’t underestimate it. Skin without isolation milk is equivalent to running naked. You can also use some CC cream with isolation and sunscreen. Generally, you can choose the “natural color system”. It is too white, and the neck and face form two boundaries, which is very unnatural. Because CC cream has its own isolation sunscreen and only applies a thin layer, it achieves the effect of naked makeup and is loved by the majority of women.


Well, here are the basic daily skin care steps to share with you today.

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