Do you need to use skin care products after using freeze-dried powder?

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Freeze-drying powder can promote the growth and reproduction of skin tissues, promote cell metabolism and enhance the effect of oxidation. Freeze-drying powder uses the technology of freeze-drying natural plants.


Freeze-drying treatment can effectively remove the water from the plant material without destroying its nutrient properties. In addition, it allows the natural active ingredients in the product to be preserved in a stable manner. However, freeze-dried powder is a restorative product and cannot replace other skin care products, so you need to use other skin care products after using freeze-dried powder.


The lyophilized powder is used by mixing the powder with liquid by injection and then wiping it off. It is used once a day in the morning and once in the evening, and subsequent skin care steps such as water and milk are performed after using the lyophilized powder.


Do you still need to use skin care products after using freeze-dried powder?


Notes on the use of lyophilized powder


Freeze drying powder


1, when using lyophilized powder, some people’s skin may appear some small red dots and pimples, and even mild itching, which may be because your skin absorption, resulting in excessive absorption of skin nutrients. If your skin has these problems, you can reduce the dosage the next time you use it and then use it again for a few days. The appearance of skin sensitivity is generally a very normal situation, do not need to worry excessively.


2, do not use with the alcohol component of cosmetics, will destroy the activity of the lyophilized powder.


3, lyophilized powder is biologically active, prohibit the use of alkaline facial cleansing products together.


4, after opening the hooked lysozyme, lyophilized powder in the next five days to use up the best. Because the activity of these days is stronger, the effect is the best, longer can also be used, but the activity is reduced, the effect is not as strong, the use is equivalent to not using almost.

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