Do you want to wash your face after applying the mask? What are the benefits of washing your face after finishing the mask?

nikisho Date:2021-09-02 14:53:39
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There are many kinds of facial mask, including patch mask, gel jelly mask, sleeping mask, etc. no matter what type of mask it is, it is necessary to wash your face after finishing. Why? Today, I would like to talk about what benefits you can do when you wash your face after applying the mask.


Better use experience


In order to make the mask and essence more suitable for our face, manufacturers usually add thickeners in the mask formula. After finishing the mask, even if the essence is absorbed by massage, it will still feel sticky and uncomfortable. After finishing the mask, you can eliminate the sticky feeling caused by residual essence on your face and bring better experience.


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Contribute to the absorption of nutrients


After using the mask, the essence will remain on the face. Not only will it feel sticky, but if the essence is thick, if it is not washed away, it will directly block the subsequent skin care. It will also block the absorption of the nutritional ingredients of the subsequent skin care products, and there may also be poking mud.


Save maintenance waiting time


After finishing the mask, we usually have follow-up skin care steps, such as toner, cream, facial cream and so on. When the mask is finished, the face absorbs the essence itself. At least half an hour or more, the average person does not have so much time or patience to wait for the skin, so the skin care effect will be greatly reduced. The correct way is to wash the face first after finishing the mask, then skin care products, which can save the waiting time for maintenance and make the follow-up skin care products more effective.


In addition, the use time of the mask is about 15~20 minutes, and the effect of facial absorption is best between 10 in the evening and 2 o’clock in the morning. We should also pay attention to the technique of exposing the mask. As far as possible, we should remove it from the chin. When we apply the mask, it is better to lie down than sitting. We need to know about these skin care knowledge so that our skin will become better. Have you learned the above content?

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