“Eye cream” cannot disorderly wipe, ignore these key points, besmear is equal to did not besmear!

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Nowadays, many girls have a sense of aging resistance, even at the age of 18. Some of your friends will say, “Isn’t that a little over the top?” In fact, the earlier the anti-aging work starts, the better. Generally speaking, the facial skin of young women is soft and shiny, and can look clear without makeup, even without the use of brand-name skincare products. For them, anti-aging is mainly aimed at the eyes. To prevent crow’s feet in the outer corners of the eyes and fine lines around the eyes, especially under the eyes, people often choose to apply eye cream regularly.


However, most girls only apply eye cream to their eyes and eyes. But the upper eyelid that is ignored by everyone is the place that needs anti-oxidation and anti-aging most. If the upper eyelid is relaxed, it will make the eye tail droop, making the whole person look old. In this issue, Mianmian will share with you the correct way to apply eye cream. Actually, “eye frost” cannot disorderly wipe. Ignore the following key points, painted equals not painted!


Above all, we should know, the technique of circle type besmear eye frost, it is worth everyone to learn and adhere to very much. When everybody is besmear eye frost, do not want only canthus and at present, take into account to whole eye week even. Can use eye frost of circle type besmear commonly, the specific step of this kind of method is, close an eye first, besmear of cream of rice big eye is in eye week, use finger abdomen or massage stick to press clockwise after, till eye frost is absorbed completely.


One thing to note here is that if some girls have the problem of flabby eyelids, they must choose the moisturizing and tight eye cream. Secondly, the second key technique is to press the upper eyelid points. In order to make your eyes look brighter and brighter, you can also often massage the acupoints around your eyelids. By massaging the jingming points on both sides of the inner corner of the eye, you can reduce intraocular pressure and eliminate eye fatigue.


Eye cream


Massage the zhuanzhu point around the brow, you can clear the eyes, but also can prevent eyelid beating. If we face computer work or study for a long time, when tired, press these points more, can play a role in relieving sleepiness. In addition, when applying eye cream, the third key problem that cannot be ignored, is “eliminate edema”. In general, one of the most common problems with your eyes is edema. In the upper eyelid in particular, edema can make the whole eye look small and dull.


If the eye edema problem occurs, one is to use the massage stick massage way to clear, the specific method is from the inner corner of the eye to the upper eyelid, and then to the temple wheel to scrape the eyelid, the other is to use frozen milk to cold compress the eyes, can quickly reduce swelling. However, we should develop good habits at ordinary times, such as no longer drink water after 9 p.m., usually eat some food to protect your eyes, such as fish and carrots and so on.


Finally, the fourth key is to soothe the eyes. Eyes are always in a tight state, will look like a tired. If this goes on for a long time, there will be eye tail droop, loose eyelids and other problems. In order to solve this problem, and let the eyes in a more relaxed state, we can rub hot palms on the eyes, and gently press the eye socket, stay about half a minute. Repeat this three times to relax the eye muscles and make the eyes look more natural.


The eyes are the soul parts of the face. They not only allow us to see the world, but also improve our appearance. Therefore, we should take good care of our eyes at ordinary times. To make your eyes look better, “eye cream” is not to be messed up. Ignore these key points mentioned above, painted equals not painted, everyone should pay attention to oh!

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