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Instagram is a tool that many people use to record their lives, and as a fashion fan, beauty fan, how can you not follow the makeup artist? Why not lock in the A-list Instagram celebrities and keep up with the international trend?


Instagram celebrities & official accounts


Today, Nikisho has selected 10 A-list Instagram celebrities & official accounts that beauty fans must follow, because besides beauty, they also post the latest fashion news about beauty, style and anything else. Add them to your tracking list and stay up to date with the latest trends!


Rosie Huntington


Supermodel Rosie Hungtington’s INSTAGRAM is as dreamy as her person, and it looks like she has everything a girl could ever dream of.


the wall group


THE WALL GROUP is a world-renowned styling studio with many top fashion stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists and designers, and has been involved in countless fashion shoots and advertising campaigns, and has worked with countless celebrities in the entertainment industry! In their INSTAGRAM can not only see their latest works, but also allow fashion and beauty fans to feel like “insiders” of information superiority!


Dick Page


Dick Page, who is currently the director of Shiseido’s international makeup counter, has visited Asia many times, and his INSTAGRAM not only has wonderful beauty works, but also loves food and knows how to enjoy life, Dick Page often opens his favorite dishes on it.


makeup artist


M.A.C Cosmetics


M.A.C, the world’s leading professional makeup brand, is active in New York, London, Milan, Paris and other fashion weeks around the world with its rich colors and product textures and professional makeup services. As the world’s largest fashion show sponsor brand, M.A.C often shares backstage live shows, side-by-side photos and behind-the-scenes photos of various occasions, not only to satisfy the curiosity of fashion and beauty fans, but also to get a lot of new trend knowledge and makeup inspiration, so it can be said to be a beauty fan’s paradise!


Charlotte Tilbury


Charlotte Tilbury is an important driver of the global popularity of the brand, she was the chief makeup artist of TOM FORD, very good at imposing makeup Charlotte is responsible for TOM FORD early image photos of makeup, independent out of their own business is still the attention of many celebrities and brands, also has its own makeup brand, like fashion makeup girls do not miss her INSTAGRAM!


Rachel Zoe


In the Hollywood super celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe’s INSTAGRAM, you can see the superb fashion information, dressing and overall styling sharing, in addition to beauty inspiration, you can also absorb the new fashion knowledge, of course, the super cute baby private dressing photos and celebrity information is also one of the important factors that people have to see!


Gucci Westman


Gucci Westman, a famous makeup artist, was once called “fashion’s favorite makeup artist” by VOGUE, and she is one of the most important figures in the fashion industry. She has not only served as the art director of Lancôme and the global art director of Revlon, but has also participated in major fashion shows, international magazine covers, top brand advertising shoots, etc. The New York Times even compared her success to the A-ROD of the beauty industry in 2008!


Leila Yavari


Leila Yavari is not only the fashion director of the European and American fashion website, but also a Berkeley graduate, and she never hesitates to share her outfits and observations from major cities around the world on INSTAGRAM.


Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr’s INSTAGRAM is a super model with fantastic looks and a hot body that makes people feel closer to the real world. In addition to sharing her non-stop work and photo trips and generously showing her beautiful photos for her fans to enjoy, Miranda Kerr also often shares her healthy outlook on life on it, with a variety of healthy and healthy diets and sweaty exercise photos, which can also play a role in alerting herself to maintain her body more seriously, in a way!




As one of the largest cosmetic chain stores in the United States, the INSTARAM operated in Sephora not only can see a wealth of beauty products, because there are many products in the United States are more early than in Taiwan, so you can also see a lot of pre-exposure of new products, in addition, will be interspersed with makeup, nail painting instruction, can be described as a cosmetic lovers’ paradise.

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