From fragrance to beauty, how is BYREDO building its multiverse?

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Founder Ben Gorham says, “What I love most about BYREDO is that we’re not defined by a category, which is probably our biggest difference. We can be a fragrance and beauty brand, but our spirit is free and striving for perfection, and the tension between the two means we can create anything that’s possible.”


So BYREDO has created a Byproduct line that goes beyond scented beauty, from leather goods to eyewear to blankets, baskets and camping gear, with one collection released each month and available in all flagship stores worldwide. The line also includes Value Chain, a jewelry collection designed in collaboration with Charlotte Chesnais, and HOMECOMING, a leather goods collection for spring/summer 2021. Made in a family-owned workshop in Florence, the BYREDO leather goods collection is also a continuation of the brand’s principle of “precise and rigorous methods and craftsmanship to achieve instinctive creativity”. As the latest creation in the brand’s ambitious expansion, BYREDO is launching a beauty collection in 2020, in the direction of a full lifestyle contemporary luxury brand.


Known for breaking stereotypes, BYREDO’s founder Ben Gorham is also an outsider to the beauty and fragrance industry. Born in Sweden to an Indian mother and Canadian father, his upbringing took him through Toronto, New York and Stockholm. Like BYREDO’s iconic fragrance, Gypsy Water, Ben Gorham describes himself as a modern nomad whose diverse upbringing has shaped his multicultural temperament.




Initially determined to be a professional basketball player, he excelled in high school in New York and on college teams in Canada, and went on to play in European basketball. After his basketball career, he turned to art and went on to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. After graduating, he met a perfumer by chance and decided that fragrance was a better way to express his creativity than painting.


With no professional training in perfumery, Ben Gorham approached two master perfumers to explain his desired olfactory experience and used them to create the scent he wanted. Ben Gorham’s strong personal style and insights into fashion and art have led to BYREDO being recognized by the international press.

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