From long-term rotten face to stable skin, what is the secret? Please take the years of skin care experience!

wu meijie Date:2021-09-07 09:26:20
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Today we will talk about some skin care tips.


I believe any girl would like to have a blown skin, but this seems to be a mirror. With the passage of time, the human body aging as well as our own for the beauty of a variety of to make will bring a variety of skin damage. Therefore: good skin seems to be unattainable.


Learning skin care is a kind of self-protection

In fact, most of the girls who know how to take care of their skin on the one hand because they love beauty, on the other hand, they have really experienced a very bad period of skin. The reason for this is that there are numerous pits that have been stepped on because of various kinds of grass, so it is a painful decision to study it properly.


I also went through such a period. I started to pay attention to skin care in 2011/2012, when I was also in a period of crazy face. The same as many people, because they want to quickly eliminate acne, so that the skin back to normal. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not only in the market, but also in the marketplace.


skin care tips


This is also the reason why I started to study skin care, not wanting to be sick and confused.I often see a lot of questions on various websites: I am **year-old, please recommend the right skin care products for me!


This is like the me years ago, because completely ignorant, what others recommend is what? Or look at other people’s homework to plant, the result is to buy a bunch of things home is either ineffective or the more you use the worse!


Here we can not blame the counter, because this is the job of others. Nor can we blame the shareholder, perhaps from her point of view this thing does have an effect.


Therefore, only if you understand, understand the skin tissue and skin care principles to distinguish right from wrong, not to be confused by various marketing advertising.


What is the problem that skin care products solve?

Some people say that skin care is to make me younger and better skin, this viewpoint can not be fully agreed!


The aging of the skin is irreversible. It is completely impossible to get younger and younger through skin care products. And acne, dryness, and greasiness are all derived from the subhealthy state of the skin caused by incorrect skin care. We are also only helping skin care health through skin care products.


Normal healthy skin should be normal skin, while dry, oily, and sensitive skin are all states of a certain stage. This state is directly related to what products you use, what kind of skincare approach you take, and the geographical environment you are in. This is why I often say: I have a different skin condition in Beijing, Xinjiang and Sichuan! In fact, most people are the same.


Therefore: skin care products to solve the problem is to help the skin to maintain stability and resist the effectiveness of external damage. It does not help you to return to your old age.


In this way, skin care is still necessary?

Of course it is necessary!

There is a saying that if you start skincare at 20, your skin will stay in your 20s; if you start skincare at 30, your skin will stay in your 30s!


Why don’t I recommend random products?

I know that in this day and age, everyone advocates simplicity and brutality and wants to get a solution at the lowest cost and in the quickest way possible.


But the truth is: there is a price to pay for simplicity and speed! No two people in the world have the exact same skin type. Therefore there is no one skin care product that works for everyone either.


Even if you and I are in the same region, with the same skin type, and have the same skin problems, it doesn’t mean we can use the same products. There are so many factors that affect skin and the effectiveness of products.


In short, skin care, like many disciplines, is a rigorous and serious matter. If you really care and want a good skin, then pay attention to some basic skin care knowledge instead of asking around what products work well.

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