Handicapped party can also learn to use the curling iron guide! With the list

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Hairdressing tools list


Today’s draft list contains several of the most practical hair tools, in addition to curling irons, there are also straight clipboard, price and features are not quite the same, you can choose according to their specific needs ~


1,CREATE ION gold curling iron CNC upgrade version

Keywords: 24k gold coating, fast styling, not easy to hurt the hair quality

Diameter range: 26 ~ 38 mm


This curling iron is used by the famous Japanese hairdresser Hiroshi Miyamura. It has a 24k gold coating on the barrel, which makes it softer and has better heat transfer properties than ordinary metal.


As a popular curling iron, the “CNC inverter technology” is also one of its highlights: the tube maintains a constant temperature when it touches the hair, so the styling effect is particularly good.Overall, CREATE ION’s curling iron is excellent in all aspects. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you can’t go wrong with this “Golden Wand”.




2,VODANA Large Diameter Curling Wand

Keywords: high value, large diameter, black technology hair care coating

Diameter range: 32~40 mm


VODANA is a curling iron brand from Korea. In addition to the bright and unique colorful appearance, the large diameter is also a characteristic of their curling iron.Before, I was curious about how the big waves of Korean drama actresses were rolled out – how come my own curly hair just doesn’t look that smooth and natural?


I found out that besides the shine of the hair itself, the oversized curvature is also the key point to create a soft and beautiful temperament.If you happen to be like the natural curls of the general soft temperament of big waves, then you may want to try this curling iron from VODANA.


3,SALONIA Curling Wand

Key words: straight and curly, multi-color options, portable

Diameter range: 32 mm


For people who don’t like to be too complicated when styling, this “straight and curly” curling iron is a must-have ☑️.In addition to being able to quickly fix the daily hair, usually when traveling, business trips in the case is also particularly convenient – the next time you go out, no longer need to bring several tools at the same time!


This curling iron although only “32mm” a diameter, but the appearance of the color selection is particularly rich, for daily use is also very enough ~


4,VS Vidal Sassoon mini portable clipboard

Keywords: small and portable, suitable for clip bangs and hair ends, short hair applicable


Vidal Sassoon’s “mini clipboard” is only 15 cm in size, so it’s easy to carry around in your bag.This compact clipboard is not suitable for styling the whole head, but it is very convenient for pinning bangs, ends, sideburns, and other partial positions, and it is also suitable for short hair.


How to maintain the curl?

If your hair is difficult to set after curling, then you can ask for some “outside help”: elastics, hairsprays, waxes and other styling products can be kept at home.


In addition to the hair itself, factors such as excessive humidity and an oily scalp can also affect the longevity of our style.


If you are in a humid environment, you can leave the curling iron on your hair a little longer; products such as sea salt spray and dry shampoo spray can ease the oiliness of your scalp.


Curling iron temperature control

Nowadays, all curling irons/clips can be controlled by the temperature “level”, so you can lower the temperature if you have fine hair, otherwise your hair will look dry.


For coarse and hard hair, you can set the temperature to the highest setting, but the tool should not be left on the hair for too long!


Finally, a simple conclusion for everyone.

If you like wavy and have some styling experience, you can choose the regular type of curling iron, not too good at operating, then choose the automatic type of curling iron.

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